Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Good week everybody!

What a fun weekend I had in Des Moines.

Met up with my gal pals, Tiff, and Dani.

We had so much Fun. got allot done.

Tiffany, Jessi, Dani (preggers 6 months)it's a GIRL!

Ice cream parlor. so cute. old school!

Me & Tiffany

Workin girl! my summer albumn in the works.

sun kissed album

really fun!

My Marilyn Healey "sparkle Bella Banner"

so gorgeous! what a treat to make!

I went back and scrapped some baby photo's 13 years old.

Left:Hunters ultra sound

Right: Taylor & Baby Hunter

In the end it was a fabulous weekend!

what fun Girls.

We laughed so much my cheeks still hurt.

The "CROWN" of the week

goes to????

Heather Ales!
i gave her a shout out.
but she deserves the
crown this week.
i love my book

Have a great week ladies!

i'll be back with the new swap im in. to fun!

plus some sneak peaks of the 8 projects i have to make.



Beth Leintz said...

Looks like you had so much fun! And got so much done! And that brown & blue dress of yours is too cute- you look like a model, daahhlinng.....

mendytexas said...

Hey Jessi!

Looks like you are having a blast creating masterpieces! Love your blog!!

Leslie said...

Aren't you girls just stunning! And creative too!

Maija said...

Your girls trip looked wonderful! You are all so beautiful! It's so good to have them from time to time. My next girls trip is to Beaver Creek, CO. My girlfriend owns a house on the Ritz Carlton property, so we will spend time at the spa, hiking and eating....although not much for me!

Kimla Kay said...

Jessi! You are such a doll!! You definitely could be a model. Love your sparkle bella banner...it came out great! I am still working on mine. Your blog is awesome!

Jana said...

You are just tooooo cute!!

Saucy said...

eeek! Des Moines? My dh has his head office in Ames and goes in and out of Des Moines all the time! Now that I know there's a scrapbook store there....

MarilynH said...

Hey Jessi--thanks for posting this! It is a blast to see the finished banners!!