Sunday, December 2, 2007


This is my Birthday month!

so i will be nice till the 9th,
and naughty the rest of the month!

(eating cookies, hot toddies,
sneakin peaks at christmas gifts!)

You know that kind of stuff!
What kind of girl do you think i am?

Have a great sunday!

see ya all Tuesday!

Im off to start
my baking!



Doe said...

Happy, happy, Joy, joy!!!! Happy Birthday, Jessi. I wish you the best(may it be naughty or nice) day, make that 10 days ever!

pinkroses said...

Just finished my baking-my son will be so happy when he comes home from school and there are his favorite cookies! See you tomorrow!
Suzanne Duda

Lori said...

i'll BE here...recipe only however...i am not starting my baking yet...see you tomorrow:)