Sunday, December 23, 2007


A girl has to have her
priorities straight, right?

This is Sweet Skylar

our little beagle. She just

LOVES her Country Living!

And you better beleive

she protects it with

her life.

This girl knows

whats good!



Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, my sweet friend! Your cheery messages on my blog and e-mail always make me smile, even when my day ain't going' so well. Just want you to know that I count YOU among my many blessings this year! I hope your holidays are beautiful and 2008 is goign to be SPECTACULAR for all of us!!! xoxo

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Just popping by to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

LW said...

Merry Christmas Jessi!
Have a wonderful Holiday....


Betty said...

Have a wonderful Christmas Jessi!

RedBessBonney said...

Merry Christmas! I got your earrings finished - finally - thanks for your patience! Can I get your address?


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Jessi!


HippieDog said...

Happy Holidays Jessi!! Maggie reads Country Living too :)Hope Santa brings you lots of pink and sparkly goodies :) xo

Susan Tuttle said...

A Merry Christmas to you Jessi!

Your pup is so very cute!

Susan said...

Have a wonderful holiday!

suzi finer said...

Chappy Cholidays to hew..hoping the very best of the season to you and yours.
Sending love...
Suzi Finer

Whimsy Pink said...

I do love that magazine too! The january issue is out here now! I love it ~ Have a merry christmas jessi !!

Alison Gibbs said...

Looks like Skylar has the best seat in the house.
Merry Christmas.

Ulla said...

Best wishes for a wonderful Holiday season!!!

Boxwood Cottage said...

Ha ha your doggy rocks as much as you do Jessie!