Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Monday!!!

Happy Monday all!

This weekend went by fast.
I finished some cute
projects, and I got the best
suprize in the mail!

My "little sister"
(wink ,wink)

sent me the BEST
birthday gifts!!!!


How cute is this???
the card plays"looking for

some hot stuff baby tonight"
the little bag is Barbie pink


And this is a belt buckle.
"Forget about it!!!"

she bought these while

she was in NYC.

You are so fab girl!

Here is my finished
Charlotte Lyons kit.
I added a few little extra's,

got to make it mine.


Thanks Charlotte.

A little smoke in the chimney!

(baby it's cold outside!)

I also made these

vintage inspired ornaments

Lots of people have been

asking my if my dining room
lights are pink, or red???

"day shot"

Baby there "Barbie Pink!!"

Here's the "night" shot!

Pink Glitteriness
(is that a word?)

Love it!
makes me smile!

see y'all later!

Im off to finish my

"comfort & joy"

12 days of inspiration book!

You still have time to

check it out.

Teresa is keeping it up

till the end of December.

Check it out!

There will be a new one

in January!

So cute!



Alison Gibbs said...

Jessi what a fabulous birthday you have, it goes on forever. How much fun is that!!
What a great sister you have to send you such cute pressies.
have to love all of the 'pinkness'

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Wow all of that!!! Lucky girl. Merry Christmas

Lena said...

I love the way that Charlotte's kits turned out. You did a wonderful job of making them, andt he ornaments you made turned out great too.
Wow at the pink lights! My neices would really love that!
Best wishes to you!

Sweet Remembrance said...

Jessi...Love all the Barbieness!
So very pink indeed!

Lallee said...

What fun things! I loved seeing it all. Rock on Barbie Pink!

Sandra Evertson said...

I Love your Christmas village!
Seasons Greetings!
Sandra Evertson

Sugar Bear said...

Love the smoke in the chimney, the pink lights, your pink gifts, your ornaments - love all of it!