Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy ~HEARTS~ Day!!! Big Reveal!

Happy HEARTS Day!

To my Hubby!




Happy Valentines Day!!!

Next look how cute my daughters gift is for her boy!

This is a GIANT 15inch cookie!


AAH! Young love!

Next, here is what my table

scape looks like now that

the big day has arrived!

Thanks to all the swaps,

and talented artists out there.

My table is FULL of love!

Thanks swap buddies!

Sweet Maija sent me a Valentine!

I took the picture on top

of the box she made me!


Thanks Girl!

Jenn & Cheryls

secret admirer swap!

NOTE: there was a OOPS made.

I guess i was never asigned a secret admirer?

O' well! Movin on!

I did get a LOVELY secret gal!

LORI Karla @ Faire window!

this is all the stuff i sent her~!



You were a blast to shop and create for!

Your such a doll!

Happy HEARTS Day!

I hope you enjoyed everything!

Take a hop on over to LORI's

blog, she has great pics!

~Hostess goodies too~

Thanks girls!!!


Have a great Valentines Day!

~sneak peep~

how cute are these????
love them!



Anonymous said...

Hey Jessi! Happy Valentines Day! Oh, no swap partner, oh no!! Well your table is absolutely ADORABLE! And the things things you made for Lori are gorgeous! We hope the have the BEST day with your sweet hubby :) Jenn and Jacqui

Jeanne said...

Wowee-kazowee!!! Your table scape is fabulous Jessi! I need to stud it all. Wishing you a LOVE-ly Valentine's Day!
xo jeanne

Mosaic*Queen said...

Happy Valentine's Day Miss Jessi!

Sandy said...

Oh I am so sorry you had no swap partner! Your table scape is amazing as are the things you sent to Lori, who by the way is a doll! If wishes were swaps I'd send you millions with a garantee of them all coming true for your generous spirit! Happy Valentine's Day!

Lori said...

girlie, i feel so badly about the oopsie:(
thank you SO much for all of the truly wonderful goodies you sent to me:) Jacob was really loving that lollipop, it smelled SO good and that stinker wouldn't even let me have a little taste!
all of your goodies look so wonderful and CUTE...i have an idea about the bunny peeps!!!
you really are the cutest girl and you always look so beautiful in your pictures:) your daughter is a real beauty too!!!

Grace said...

Fabulous table scape! Happy Valentine's Day. May your Day be filled with cupcakes hugs and kisses! Grace

Junie Moon said...

What a fun post! I love simply everything.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family!

Wendy Updegraff said...

Happy Valentines Day! Everything looks so LOVE-ly!

Anonymous said...

I love your table FULL of goodies Jessi! Makes me want to come over and stare at it all! Have a wonderful V-DAy!! xo natalea

Kim Caldwell said...

Your Blog just gives me such HUGE smiles! Love all your goodies -- you are the Queen of specialness! Happy V-Day sweet friend!

Hugs, Kim

KE said...

Happy Valentines'e Day to you and yours!!!!!


M.E. said...

Happy Valentine's Day!
Thank you so much for posting that awesome tablescape! Wow! What eye candy that is, love it!!
I wish I had more room to display stuff in my house!
Love, love your blog, love your style. So easy to read & I love all the pics you post.
I even love checking out the swaps of goodies, thanks for posting those pics, too!
-Mary Ellen

Kim Caldwell said...

Oh Nooooo, I just went through your post again and saw that you didn't get a partner. Oh honey, you of all people deserve the best gal eva! I know Cheryl and Jenn will figure it all out asap. Keep the faith. . .

Big Hugs, Kim

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessi! Happy Valentine's Day! What a sweet treat to log on and see your beautiful fanciful lovely tablescape today!

Cheryl Ensom said...

OH Jessi...please forgive us for the oopsie! Jenn and I are just SICK over this and believe will be getting some "make up" treats in a yummy Easter theme before you can blink! ;) And you gave Lori such a lovely package. And that cookie your daughter gave her boy...darling. I remember making my high school boyfriend a giant cookie at that age, too! Have a lovely day with your hubby and look forward to a couple fun packages headed your way...
hugs, cheryl

Mary said...

LOVE your tablescape!!! Wishing you and yous a wonderfully sweet day!

Maija said...

I love your pretty stuff!
You rock sweetness!
Big kiss---

kami @ said...

What a pretty table!

Happy "Lovings" Day to you!

P.S. I heart mini pink cuppycakes!:)

Lilli in Vancouver said...
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Lilli in Vancouver said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lilli in Vancouver said...

Aargh! What's Blogger trying to do to me! Got it fixed now I hope...

You didn't get a secret partner? That's too bad :( Oh well, these things, don't they?

The stuff you made/gave to Loris is Fab! Lucky her!

And OMG your table full of pink and red goodness!!! Gotta love that!

Love your daughter's cookie :)

Have a great Valentine's Day Jessi!

Unknown said...

Wow! I love your decorations! Your swap treats for Lori is amazing! Hope you have a romantic Valentine's Day! Sandy xoxox

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

First off, I love the peeps. I just can't resist those cuties. You have the BEST displays ever. I always love to come by when you reveal your tablescapes! Great things you made Lori and you are so sweet to your husband.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Thanks for visiting me today so I could find you! You have a very fun blog....I will be back!

Wishing you a Sweet Valentine's Day :-) Rosie

Fete et Fleur said...

Happy Valentine's Day Jessi!

Hugs! Nancy

Lallee said...

Happy Valentines Day! Darling photos!

windycorner said...

Hi Jesse,
Your table looks incredible! So many cute things in one place. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your sweetie. hugs,

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day. You are such a Pretty Pretty girl!!!
Hope you had a good one. Bummer about being missed. But, you know they will make it up to you.
Your table scape is to die for!! So gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

first of all, you are SO cute, it's ridiculous! and that tablescape? mercy me, girl. you're amazing.

Sarah said...

Looks like lots of Valentine Fun going on in your neck of the woods! Happy pink & white!

suzi finer said...

sending you chocolate wishes from beverly hills; happy valentines day!
love (linked ya!)

*M & E Designs* said...

Hi Jessi,
We're so excited to tell you that you won one of our OWOH giveaway items. Please come by and check out what you won and contact us at
Thanks for visiting and we hope you'll come by often.
Sandy & Nicole
M&E Designs

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Whoa...Valentinapalooza! This is the best Valentine post...ever. Happy Valentines day Jessi...from, Susan

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

such fun... all your valentines goodies... especially the cute cupcake! yum!

i love your message to your hubby... lucky man!

big hugs & happy heart wishes to you today!

Cape Cod Washashore said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!! What a lot of beautiful decorations! It looks like a cross between a candy shop and a crafts shop! Oh how I wish I had the space in my house to decorate the way you do! =)

Sugar Bear said...

You look too darn good for just having surgery! Oh dear on the swap partner - you have to e-mail me your address as I have something I would like to send you. Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Your table is AWESOME!!! I am so ashamed I dont have many Valentine decorations, but I will make up for it at Easter. Those peeps are way up there on the cutesie meter.
Happy Valentines Day!

Mahala said...

Wow, sorry to hear that you didn't get a swap partner. I was also given Lori Karla, so maybe I was supposed to get you?
Well, you have a wonderfully happy Valentines Day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day!! My goodness your table is dreamy!!


Whimsy Pink said...

Hi Jessi !! I love the table and the tree and the pretty ornaments!!! Happy valentines day!!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Wowzers wowzie wow wow wow!!!! LOOK at all of your stuff on your table! Ok, we have to see where you end up displaying all that LOVE! Too amazingly cute! And YOU, you are a doll face! Happy Valentine's Day to you!!!

Monica said...

Your table scapes are always the best! I just want to sneak over and SHOP off your table, all the GOOD STUFF in one spot...haha!
Hope your valentines was SWEET :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful stuff there...lovely!

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Jessi,
Happy belated Valentine's Day! Love your table, that is amazing!!! I've never seen anything like it.
Love your swappies.
I do hope your swap goodies arrive from your secret admirer, I bet they are still in the mail. How sad you didn't get to open a package on the day though.
Your daughter is so cute and look at you there in your cupcake photos and sending a message to hubby!
I'm working on the girls, getting them to come along with me. I think it is going to take some work though.... keep at them with me too please!!!

Betty said...

Jessi, You look wonderful and rested. I hope your Valentine day was the best! I can't wait to see your house decorated for Easter. I wish you'd come decorate mine.

Bristol said...

Jessi- Happy valentines Day!!! Looks like you had a good day. I am hosting a swap over at my blog, since you are the queen of swaps, checkit out. Pass the word, if y ou think it looks good.
have a great weekend.

Sleepy Hollow Craft Company said...

OMG! I LOVE your table scape~ gorgeous!!! Hey I just noticed that you aren't on my link list on my blog~ I am going to add ya~ I always come over here and check out your fabulousness...Also, I wanted to tell you I just saw that Cheryl over at The Easter Bunny's Chicks is hosting an Easter Swap...hop on over and join in! Sounds really fun!

Tara said...

Wow! I love that table! Looks like a BIG celebration happened by you! How sweet!!

Mippie said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Jessi! I hope your day was as sweet and wonderful as you are!!! xo-Mel

mushroommeadows said...

wow there's a lot of Valentine's goodness in this post!! :D

you're so pretty; very lovely pictures! ;)

kari and kijsa said...

Amazing!! What a fabulous post!! Your tablescape is unbelievable!! Oh partner...well at least you had yummies!!!

kari & kijsa said...

Your table scape looks like a wonderland of Valentine treasures!!!

Jennifer Hayslip said...

What a fabulous blog post! You look so pretty as always, and your swap gifts to Lori are FABULOUS!!! Im TRULY SO sorry over the swap mishap. I feel like total S*&$! It's truly my goof, and I feel horrible. I PROMISE as your friend and sis I will make it up to you 10X over! You say you've moved on, but please forgive me XO, Jenn
P.S. LOOOOOVE your spring banner!!!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Wow!!!!!!!! Everything is so beautiful...Smiles

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Wow!!!!!!!! Everything is so beautiful...Smiles

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Sorry I missed Valentines day here Jessi! What a great post and look at all of the goodies!!

Stevie said...

the peeps...eek! I love them! Where can I find them?!

Your Valentine Decorations are FaBuLoUs!!! Love them!!! Take care.

Adla said...

Happy V'day Jessi...what a load of swap delight. I'm going to add your blog to my favs, it's filled with bursts of info and love...

Chat soon, Adla

Lori said...

Jessi, Loved the sign messsages for your hubby, gosh, your such a cutie! So sorry you got mixed up on the swap. And that is the "creme di-la creme" Valentine table!!! lori

Heidi said...

I just wanted to tell you I love the tag you made for the tag swap! My Barbie pops off the tag and makes me happy! Her skirt is glittery and her face is exactly like my Barbie from back in the day! I love all your sweet pics here today!