Monday, February 11, 2008

Is it Spring yet????

Hola Chica's

Im ready for some warm
weather. a sandy beach, blue water
margarita's, and a cute
cabana boy!

Is that to much to ask???

O' well a few more months!

How cute is this card??
super cute!
thanks Jenn!

Im in a few swaps!
"The hanging up sprintime swap"
Im done! it took all weekend.
it is going to be hard to part with.

We were to create 6 items
"Garden or Tea style"
Dress, bloomers, gloves a butterfly,hat, and a bird!

We'll send it in, and Sarah

will mail us back a combo of

the 6 items. A clothesline .

so you could end

up with 6 items from 6 differant artists!

So fun!

Im in the Sweet Bella e -zine!

this was the first project

for February. Darling Tags!

This has been a super

fun month. i love my Mosiac journal
too. new projects every M,W,F.
Love It!

Im also in the

"Sweet little nest swap"

hosted by Speckled Egg!

Here are a few sneak peaks!!!

My swap buddy is Lonnie Jenck!

we went to Silver Bella

together. She is going to

be a blast to create for!

My daughter and her

boyfriend are so cute!

they brought me home a cupcake

this weekend!

I Love cupcake island!

Aahh, Young Love!

Just thought i would share some

of my fav Valentine desserts!

Do you see a theme here?

chocolate, rasberries, and

ice cream! My Fav!


Have a super fabulous week!!!




Cape Cod Washashore said...

Oh my gosh - you and your daughter look like SISTERS!!!! How cute you both are!!!

And look at all the crafty goodness you've been making! That's alot of swaps you're in! Everything looks so beautiful! =)

Heidi said...

I'm ready for sun of any kind at any place at any cost! LOL Your sneak peek of the Nest swap is fantastic! Your partner is lucky she got YOU! :) Your daughter and BF are so cute! Yum to the cupcakes! After seeing your Heart shaped ice cream sandwich it makes me want to make them...let's see if I do!


Lori said...

i am SO ready for the sun and warm air too!!!

GIRL!!! you are the swapping queen!!! your swap goodies look delightful:)

Mahala said...

I'm in the clothesline swap as well and you made some sweet things for it.

Junie Moon said...

What wonderful projects and activities you've been enjoying. I'm enjoying reading about them as they are all so lovely.

Unknown said...

great stuff, as always!!!

Anonymous said...

We love Cupcake Island, too. Those other treats look fabulous, too! chocolate and raspberries are my weakness!! Happy Valentine's Day Sweet Jessi Girl!
Teresa McFayden

Sugar Bear said...

Your daughter is such a sweetie! I can't wait for spring either my dear.

Tara said...

You sound like you have been busy!! At least you are whiling away the hours in a great way while we all wait for spring!!

Anonymous said...

Jessi your sweet tea party attire creations are so sweet . quite a touch there my dear . Been loving your pics on " Sweet Bella " flikr also . BUT "
- wahhhh!! crying here -- never heard of Cupcake Island -- I am sure I need one here in the south - hmm waistline thinks otherwise . You and your family so cute -- girl you look 16 !! I love your tag swap -- oh so sorry I missed this one . Ok. see you online in the Sweet Bella too -- Kathy Ga

Anonymous said...

those treats look FANTASTIC!!
I am drooling!
Love your swap goodies, wish I had time to partake, only 3 weeks till this yearbook is due and then I am a free woman!!
Hope you are feeling better
Was 78 degrees today in Phoenix (only a couple of months till we all start complaining about the heat!!) I sat outside and ate lunch and wished I had a cabana boy serving me foofy drinks with umbrellas in them!!
Have a super week

Natasha Burns said...

LOL I like Lori's comments, you ARE the swapping queen!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Your daughter and her boyfriend are so cute!!!! You do NOT look old enough to have a daughter that is her age!!! What is your secret? Oh, I know...cupcakes!!! LOL


Unknown said...

Jessi! You are so talented! I just wanted to share that with you! I am always inspired by you! Thanks for always sharing your art!

Barbara Jacksier said...

Great post. So much eye candy.

P.S. You look like twins.

Mosaic*Queen said...

Your project is Swapolicious!!!
Yum on the desserts!!! You made me hungry this morning! :-)

kami @ said...

Yum Yum! I just made some of those heart ice cream sandwiches with brownies and they were so yummy!! I too am ready for the sun!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Oh, what a perfectly delicious post! I was swooning from beginning to end!

Hope your Valentine's Day was as delightful as you!