Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Love is in the air! Birdhouse BLING??

Love is in the air!


I forgot to share with you
the things i sent my swap buddy

Did i mention that my
(great website)
so i thought it would be funny
to make her some goodies from
him, tee hee!

So i made her this heart
ornament, i thought it
was pretty clever!
she LOVED it!

so here are two more things
i made for her!

I printed this BEAUTIFUL
picture out, and glittered the
heck out of it!
it was just GORGEOUS!!!

I also made her this little journal!
She was really fun to create for!
I hope you liked
everything miss Donna!

Ok, those crazy BFF's
from Kansas are at it again!!!!

Miss Karla & Beth

are hosting a "Bling your birdhouse"

open house thingy! go and check it out!!

This looks like a hoot!

Get it, Owl?

haha early morning humor!

Well tune in Thursday!

Valentines Day!

The big reveal!

Everyone will be posting there
secret admirer's swap goodies!
I have a really good gal!

see ya all soon!




Beth Leintz said...

Hoot Hoot- You made me LAUGH OUT LOUD this morning!

Lilli in Vancouver said...

James is a Cutie!

Your parcel is Great, Jessi! I'm sure Donna must just LOVE IT :)

Kim Kwan said...

you MUST be feeling better!
you are on a ROLL!
Happy Hearts Day, sweetie!

mushroommeadows said...

Great swaps items, there.

Oh, I love the glitter! :)

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

I loved the James Blunt ornaments.. such a great idea to personalise for a friend!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Wow amazing gifts...Smiles...Mary

Sugar Bear said...

What fabulous goodies! I'm so excited to see what everyone got on Thursday. My admirer hasn't send anything yet :( I'm holding out hope for tomorrow!

Sugar Bear said...

What fabulous goodies! I'm so excited to see what everyone got on Thursday. My admirer hasn't send anything yet :( I'm holding out hope for tomorrow!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Jessi ~ What fun ! It looks like you had a great time with your creating !!!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

woo hoo... what awesome... really special treats!

donna... you lucky lady you!

p.s. James IS too cute!

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh what fun things yuo sent to Donna.

Lori said...

i love what you sent to Donna!!! and i am going to do the birdhouse thing too, looks like a LOT of fun and i just happened to get a bird house last week so this was perfect!!!

Unknown said...

Jessi! Did I tell you how much I love your blog! LOVE IT! Come and get a free hug over at my blog! You will see what I mean once there!

Anonymous said...

Love James too. glad you are up and around and feeling hooty!!
The birdhouse thing looks fun I might try it.I am so excited for my swap buddy to get her stuff. I haven't got mine yet either. Hopefully today or tomorrow.

Rose of Sharon said...

Oh what fun! You made such beautiful gifts and so many!!! Wow! You guys will have so much fun tomorrow!

:0) Sharon

Kimla Kay said...

Wow, girl! All of your swaps are just amazing. I'm so glad you're up and running and crafting again. You are like the energizer bunny, leaving a cloud of glitter in your trail!! xoxo kimla

Ginny Gibson said...
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Ginny Gibson said...

sorry hiccup - that was me above -anyway moving on and better spelling
:0)) all I wanted to say was -

Wow what a load of valentine goodies you have there, lucky thing. I especially love the heart box.

By the way my valentine tag book came today ... just in time. I LOVE your tag, in fact they are all fab - a great way to sample everyone's talent. Half the names I don't even know so it has enlarged my blog world experience too.

Happy Valentines Day.

best wishes Ginny