Friday, August 8, 2008

Always somethin!

(me singing!)

Yeah the weekends here

we have lots planned for the weekend.

tonight, cooking, and a movie. On our new High depth, super spendy , blah , blah ,blah TV.
thats what i heard. tee hee.

we have some more furniture shopping to do.

we are going to go on the boat.

we have to get ready, my in laws are coming on Thursday. Which also happens to be the first day of school .

i have 2 high schoolers

God help me!!!
(this is me praying! tee hee)

ok let's not think of housework,school and all that garbage.

let's talk fun!

The lovely Kristie Wenzrel and i did a little side swap. she is so flippin cute. look at all the goodies she sent me.

How cute is all of this!!! i love it all. thanks doll.
your the best.


The super sweet Andrea sent me a little somethin somethin. just because i have been such a good friend to her. How sweet.


i adore it!!!


Im in this Halloween ATC swap.

Here's my ATC for my lovely Hostess, and 2 other swap partners.

I made 9 of these bad boys.

I have 3 left.


if anyone want to swap Halloween ATC's with me, just let me know.


So fun! Carmelos etsy! Rocks!!


one of my fav stores is

Jeanne Marie

i added a few new room additions.

Im like a kid in a candy store, when i shop there.i always see tons of things i want. notice the word "want", not "need."

the store is fabulous. go check her out.

Well dolls, im out of here.

i need to go start that list i was tellin ya' all bout.


see ya'all Monday!!!

i have awards to hand out.

a new fab apron from my friend kelly.

and im sure some "crazy adventure" that will happen to me this weekend.




LiLi M. said...

Have a great weekend on your boat and try to behave please :-D!!!! (No don't I love your adventures!)

Simply Me Art said...

Wow,Lots going on as Always. Thursday is the first day of school for us too. That is always a relief yet a stress too. Have a Great Summer weekend,Jamie

Mahala said...

My husband actually had Cat Scratch Fever!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the post on the stuff I sent!! I hope you doll it up alittle the way you want it to look. Thought you could add your own little Jessi Flare to it!! lol
Have a good weekend and I'll chat with you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Thank You for lovely inspiring comment and visiting my blog! I love Barbie's shades!~

Mippie said...

Jessi! Your blog always brings the biggest smile to my face! Fun adventures and so much eye candy! xo-Mel

Andrea said...

Sounds like you have a super fun wekend planned! Your blog is always rockin! ~ I love shopping carmellos too, she has some awesome stuff! I bought everyone goodies from her for my tag swap gifts! xoxo

Jennifer said...

your new additions are lovely. have a nice weekend.

3rdEyeMuse said...

sounds like a super fun weekend.

love the photo of you praying *grins* - so sweet

I have never made an ATC, but if your a brave chance taker (and haven't already promised the three "extra's") ... I'm talking ... :)

mendytexas said...

Love the Cat Scratch Fever! I am SO ready for fall!! Let me know if you have an extra and I'll swaperoo with you! I officially have two in high school now too...freshman and senior! :)mendy

Jennifer Hayslip said...

TGIF!!!! Girl, I just adore your blog. You crack me up with the best images! Your Halloween ATC is AWESOME! Super cute!! Loving the new goodies for your studio. So two kiddies in high school eh? I will be praying for you. LOL!!! Have a good one sweetie! Enjoy your new "mac daddy" hi-def. :) XO

Thru Pink Curtains said...

grat picture of the lady with the muscle!!! You must have watched martha stewart???she did a tv show with the wire rolled up to make a card holder, yours is pretty nice and fancy. lots of work doing it???

The Other Side of Me said...

HI Jessi,

I am lovin your banner. Too cute. It is so much fun receiving goodies in the mail. Blogger friends are the best!

Great Halloween ATC's.
Have a fun weekend and enjoy your in-laws.
Tammy said...

I'll bet you wre cute as a button in the fab new apron making your way through the housework list!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I must find that Barbie puzzle!!! I love it! What a wonderful gift!
Have a good weekend, Lindsey

Mom2fur said...

Don't worry--you'll survive high school kids! I did with 3 of them, and a fourth graduates next June. I lived to tell the will you.
I have been doing something on my blog where I'm trying to link to blogs in all 50 states, and you're my Nebraska! Hope you can stop by to visit.

Unknown said...

Jessi! Eeekkk! I have got up with your posts! OMGosh! Girly some gorgeous things in here! I saw all types of eye candy for this glitter freak! I can't wait to hear the somethin' somethin' about your weekend! Have a blast and hurry back! Come and say hi when you get a chance!
Behave, *snickering*

Brittany said...

Ohh I'm dreading when my oldest goes to high school next year, much less two!!

Love your Halloween ATCs and all the new goodies for your studio!! Can't wait to hear about your adventure!

SweetAnnee said...

What a fun weekend you will have and what fab pretties..

I can't believe school is starting already...EEEEKKK

hugs to you, deena

Cathy said...

Jessi, You've got me hooked on mini Barbies. I don't know why, but everywhere I shop lately I find one. I think I'm actually stocking them up for you!!! They are so stinking cute.

I have to go check out the shops you mentioned. Catch ya later baby cakes.

xo Cath

Anonymous said...

Fun fun!! I hope you had a great weekend! ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks sweety for stopping by it is such a treat to see you pop in!

Jennifer said...

I just can not stop reading your blog!!! Its def going into my favorites... && You and your daughter are GORGEOUS!!!!!