Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Custom Orders & Awards!

Yahoo it's Wednesday!!!

It has been a busy week.

i finished another one.
so cute. Pink!

This is for my Pal Grace.

she wanted the word "Pink" with lots of girly girl bling.She gave me a list of things that she liked. I think i got every single one on here.

She's really excited.
To me that's the best part.

I have 2 more that im working on this week.

1. "Lisamarie" hers will be black, pink, girly with football, cowgirl, and purses and shoes. it's all over the board. I LOVE it.

2. "Wicked" this is for Sarah and it will be Halloween themed.
so fun!

If you want to order your own "custom tile", just email me and we will come up with something fabulous!!!



Blog Award!

This is the cutest award!

Thanks Shonna.

I am having her paint me a "custom" canvas. should be here any day!!!

so flippin excited!!! it's gonna be cute.
go check her out. she does darling work.

ok so i need to pass this on.
i need to pick 7 gals,
this is always so stinken hard.
you all deserve this!!!!
anywho here goes.

so there ya go gals!
i love all your blogs.



21 days and counting!!

Yeah!! this is going to be so fun!

Can't wait to see my friend Tiffany!

we always have so much fun, and cause all sorts of trouble!!

tee hee.




i can't show you everything yet.

i will as soon as Lexi my partner gets all her goodies!


My new Fav read!

Lisa Kettell

is a Rockstar!

Go and check her out.

i love all her creations!!

such a talent!!

This is a darling zine!


Well my dolls,

im out of here.

I have a TON to share with you on Friday!!!

1.My "Painting"came today!!

she threw in a little treat too!

So stinken cute!!

i love it!!!

2. Prom Book.

my itty bitty prom dress book came today!

3. New "Pink Persimmon" stamps!!!


Have a fab week.



22 comments: said...

How sweet of you, Jessi, thanks! I love your blog too, it is always a bright burst of cheer and happiness!

Jennifer Hayslip said...

((HUGS!!!)) Thank you SWEET sis for the award!!! I ADORE & LOVE your blog just as much! Always a guaranteed a giggle, smile and fabulous treats! :) XOXO

Maija said...

Thanks for throwing some love my way, Jessi!! I think you are one of the sweetest girls I know!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh I can't wait to see your wizard of oz stuff finished! How beautiful it's looking!
Congrats on your award!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful post! Congrats on the award :)

I LOVE that PINK custom tile! Now that is fabulous!!! A bunny rose cottage one would be so cute but too long of words :( It must be so much fun finding all the little pieces to go on them!


Unknown said...

I am so honoured Jessi! thanks so much for forwarding the award to me:) Thanks also for wishing my mom a happy birthday. She read the comment and it put a smile on her face:)


P.S Did you read the article about my dollies in the Piddlesticks book? Lisa just floored me with what she wrote!

Tiff said...

Cute Pic of us! Thanks for putting it on. I am super excited too. 10 months is too long to go without seeing each other!!!

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

WOW Miss Jessi.....
I am LOOOOOOOVING that pink tile!
Super CUTE!!!!
I need to place an order for one....
I am jealous! :-)

Have a fun week sweetpea!

Hugz, Dolly

Unknown said...

P.S When you have a minute, come check out my blog! Sandxox

Lori said...

sorry i didn't get over here sooner, my 'puter was being very bad last night and i couldn't get blog pages to load...thank you SO much for the award!!! i love your blog too, you are so fun, it's like coming to a party when i visit:) i love that pink tile, SO cute!!!

Lisa Kettell said...

You are the Rock Star! Amazing thanks so much Jessi for mentioning my zine, loved your whole blog entry!

{oc cottage} said...

WOW!!! You are a whirlwind!!!

M ^..^

Heidi said...

Hi Jessi!
Love all your goodies, as usual! Congrats on the award! We all love your adventurous blog! You sure are having fun making the Scrabble tile rack creations! I can't believe how much you can load on one rack!

Thank you for the cute Scrappy Jessi postcard, I got it in the mail yesterday! Cheered up my mail box!!!!!


LizzyJ said...

Hi, Jessi! My you've been busy, girl. Love the PINK!!!


Saucy said...

You two girls, sitting prettily at that craft table... look like a couple of troublemakers!

mendytexas said...

That "PINK" is so so cute Jessi! Love all your goodies! :)mendy

Andrea said...

so sweet! Those tiles are darling ..I love the pink one.. You have an awesome blog and you are so so crafty !

Bristol said...

You have a lot of fun stuff going on. Loving you little scrabble pieces.

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog, love your Scrappy blog and all your Scrappy things!
Lucy x

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog, love your Scrappy blog and all your Scrappy things!
Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the wicked one! I am so ready for Halloween!

Sherry said...

thanks for all the stuff! i really liked it all.
we will send all yours out as soon as we get it all together.
sorry its taking so long, i was in vaca in kansas till yesterday.