Friday, August 1, 2008

S & S Giveaway!

Hey all you Halloween Hotties!!!

I am a sponcer of Kari's

"sweet & sinister swap."

I am the giveaway this week!!

so if you are signed up, head on over to the blog, and sign up to win!!

Good Luck!!

The "After shots"

Part 1

we are still hanging pictures, adding to her bedding. waiting on a super cute light.

Still waiting on some bedding.

We made these, painted added vintage earings

Made the curtains.
added vintage roses

painted everything. aqua, lavender, and pink.
i mean everything

her bathroom
super cute.
Taylor painted that cheshire cat a few years ago.
it goes perfectally in here.
added a curtain panel to camoflauge her book case a little.

added new hardware, and light switches.

still hanging pictures in here, and her jewelry board. i will take a shot of that for next week.

cool idea!


Happy Friday!

Yeah the weekend!!!
it has been another crazy busy week at "scrappy Jessi's House"

painting, cleaning, denist appt's, dr's appts,train shopping. lunches.finishing up swaps. mailing etsy orders. Plus dozens of errands. not to mention finishing up Taylors room. we also painted Hunters bathroom, i will show that next week.

1 more day!!

Can't wait. i love this series, along with half the planet.

Been Shopping!

Bought this from:Vinnie's Vintage
It's an Etsy store with tons of cute vintage goodies. he's pretty funny too.



I have started a Jessi lolli cult!
tee hee.

i can't help it. i LOVE them all.

they are right up there with Barbie!!



so sweet. sent me a tag and some business cards for my "Tag Gate".

she was cleaning out her grandparents attic and sent me all these wonderful old cards!!!

Cha Ching!!!!


i feel so lucky!!! they are all fabulous!

Thanks Jayne!!!



Rosa an i are seasonal tag swap buddies.

we send each other 2 tags each season.

Look what i got from here for the "Summer" swap.

Rosa's a Rockstar!

she has got to be the best tag maker out there.

i feel so blessed that i get to have some of her fab creations each season.
thanks doll!

ROSA'S Birthday!

is in August, so i recycled one of the cards Jayne gave me, and made her a Birthday tag!!

Hope you likey!!


New Tag Swap

This is Andrea's swap.

Here's my tag i made for the swap.

we left the top blank .

all the tags will go on a ring.

I think they are pretty dang sweet!

Can't wait to see the rest of them!!!

Thanks Andrea!

Have a super fabulous weekend!




Rosa said...

Hi Jessi,
Taylor's room is looking so fabulous. I love all the pink with the aqua, lavender touches. You're doing a great job!
I saw the tag you made me for my birthday and I LOVE IT! Can't wait to receive it, thanks, you're great!

Mippie said...

Love it all-Taylor's room turned out beautifully! I really love that sweater! Going to visit the etsy shop! xo-Mel

Lilli in Vancouver said...

Jessi, that room is amazing! I love the photo where you can see all that beautiful pink on the walls.

Have a great weekend Chica, and good luck getting all your errands done :)

Unknown said...

Jessi, I LOVE Taylors room! It looks beautiful, the colors just make you feel happy :) I am in love with that Hello Kitty blanket too!

All of your tags are beautiful! Love the bunnies and the ice cream cone and hot air balloon, how cute!

Your new sweater is beautiful too! I cant believe you got that on Etsy!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a long wonderful and delightful post!! I love looking at all of that;-))

Love what you have done to Taylor's room. Everything is so fun as always here.

Happy August 1st to you

Saucy said...

You have been busy, busy busy! Loopy and I love the Hello Kitty stuff in Taylor's room! You rock! said...

Gorgeous! Rachael

Andrea said...

Oh my gosh!!! your tags are so pretty!!!!!!!!! hey i mailed ya a little something!!!! xoxo

Simply Me Art said...

First Ms. Busy Jessi, Taylor's Room Rocks, The color is the Bomb and the window covering are perfect with the flowers. Adore the sweater and going to check out her shop. The little dolls, are perfectly Jessi and I Love them. Hope you get everything finished up this weekend.Taylors bathroom with all the make-up looks like my girls, can never have too much make up. Hugs,Jamie

Anonymous said...

I love her room! its soo cute! Hey guess what! I am hosting a Halloween swap! its called the Witches' Cupboard! You should come check it out! Its going to be lots of fun! Help me spread the word! Sign up is till the 11th or until I get enough people! hugs


vivian said...

your daughters room looks great! and I'm totally jealous that you have all those lollidolls! I really have to get one.. the problem is, that I know one will not be enough.. sort of like someone else i know! ha!
have a great weekend!

Maija said...

Taylor's room is rocking!!!

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

Taylor's room looks fantastic!!!

Cute cardi too!!!

Have a great weekend,

Victoria xx

LiLi M. said...

That book is soo good, hope I'm going to win it! The room is swell too! You guys did a marvelous job. All tags are great too. Have a nice weekend!

Unknown said...

OMG! Jessi! I want to move into your daughters room...her and I are die hard Hello Kitty fans! And Chershire Cat too boot! I LOVE all that you did! Great job! And the tags are super cute!

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

I love this blog.Everything is just darling. Marie Antionette

Lori said...

Jessi, the book you made for S&S is really super cute...i love Taylor's room, it looks so sweet and girlie, you did an amazing job with it:) the tags you made for Rosa and Andrea's swap are so pretty!!!

"Jessi lolli cult"...LOL...those girls are really cute!!!

Sugar Bear said...

Lovin Taylor's room - esp. the adorable Hello Kitty!