Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Air Show & Cheesecake

Hey Guys!

What a fun weekend we had.

We had Chris's Dad, stepmom, 1/2 sister and boyfriend down for the weekend.

We went out on the boat and watched the Airshow!

We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

They had never been there before.

so fun.




Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

Oooohhh the cheesecake factory!! My favourite, I think I need to book a trip to the US just to eat there!

Victoria xx

vivian said...

love the cheesecake factory! looks like a fun day!
have a fun week!

NicNacManiac said...

The weather looked fantastic for the airshow and some fun on the boat. I've heard tons about the Cheesecake Factory..can you say...jealous!!
Love love the new look of Scrappy Jessi's world!!
Enjoy the rest of your day!!
Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)

The Vintage Vagablonde said...

love your hat.....I must confess I am not a big Cheese cake factory fan.

Must have been the first time that ruined me. We waited 2/12 hours for a seat(in Hawaii)

We have a Steak house here that has the best cheesecake I ever tasted. If you ever get to Fresno..I will take you :)

The Mermaid Cottage said...

I'm so jealous...a boat ride...an airshow...and the cheesecake factory. That is a perfect day. I love their cashew chicken or the madeira chicken...or anything on their menu hee-hee!

Sheila from west Michigan

Jennifer Hayslip said...

Fun! Fun! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. Love me some cheesecake!!! :) XOXO,Jenn

Anonymous said...

ps... you wouldn't happen to be Hungarian would you?

Kim Caldwell said...

Love me some Cheesecake Factory! Yummo. . . Cutie family as always!

Hugs, Kim

Unknown said...

YUMMY!! The cheesecake factory :) This looks like the perfect way to spend the end of summer!!

Unknown said...

My first time at the Cheescake Factory was when we were in Nebraska last year for Silver Bella. I love that place! What a fun time you all had :)

See you in 16 days :) :)


Bryanna Lenan said...

Looks like lots of fun!!

Pink Slippers said...

I love their food.