Friday, September 4, 2009

Yes i'm Hungry!


Yeah 3 day weekend!!
woo hoo!

Girls i wanted to share some yummy finds with you.

Healthy good for you choices.

New flavors.
So delish

You can eat the entire bag for 2 ww points.

They are all fabulous!!!

2.Western Bagels


I can't believe there are "healthy" Bagels out there.

I was so excited when i found these a year or so ago.

I had totally forgot about them until yesterday when i spotted them in the freezer section of my grocery store.

Dudes 1 WW point


add one of these bad boys and you will be in bagel heaven.

WW cream cheese singles.


They are so yummy!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!




The Vintage Vagablonde said...

Great food choices, but I know you do
not do weight are Fab looking.

Saw those bathing suit pics from your vacation....wish I looked like that in my swimsuit.

Weight watchers is great....I really should be doing that!

Happy 3 day weekend~Sheri

Pink Slippers said...

good picks.

Unknown said...

Oh yum!! Thank you so much for the info Jessi :) I love bagels and cream cheese! I eat the Weight Watchers muffins and dessert cakes, YUM! Carrot Cake is my fav, :)
Have fun weekend!

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

YUm Jessi Love those picks! my girlie friend isn't doing ww but did BAGEL FULL in am healthy choice soup lunch little snack good portion control on dinner and 23lbs off.oh yeah walking at 530 am!
You are always looking fab Me I've mangaged to gain weight lately! SO it's a little disheartening to see my tiny sized closet. I am motivating myself by a biggest loser challenge my mom's club is doing just 20 lbs should do me good!
Love the look of the blog it's been a while
Love to you and yours

The Rambling Papercrafter said...

I love everything you posted. The Western Alternative Bagels have been such a life savor for me. I haven't seen the Carmel Apple flavored popcorn yet so I will definitely be looking for that the next time I head to the store.

Le_Vintage said...

Ohhh i can't wait to try those bagels did you know i was watching a weight thing on the tyra show and she said that 1 bagel and cream cheese = 20 pieces of greasy bacon!!!!

ugh, i couldnt believe it, i havent eaten one since so thanks for this!

Le Vintage

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

They do the best WW foods in America!!! It's so hard to get stuff in the UK... I have to trail round all the various supermarkets to get a bit here and a bit there!!

Have a fabulous weekend,

Victoria xx

Maija said...

Thankjs for the tip on the ww cream cheese- I love portion control!!