Thursday, September 24, 2009

Event Day...

Hey dolls!

Moving on to event day!

Kim and the Teachers

Julie, Kim, Lisa and Ruth

Lisa's class was first.

Lisa's class was a blast.
Everyones dolls turned out so differant.

Julie's Class was second

Julie was an Amazing teacher!!
Again everyones turned out so differant.

Ruth was the last teacher of the day!

She taught us to make these darling cuff bracelets. We stamped on Muslin, i learned lots of tips in Ruth's class.

All 3 Teachers were Amazing!
The projects were great!
I learned tips and tricks from each of you!
Thanks Girls!!

~Canvas Swap~

This is a gift that Jenny made for all the canvas girls.
Love it!!!!

Pictures from the day!

I had an amazing trip!
Love and miss all you girlies!



Simply Me Art said...

I have to say, these projects really really look so Pretty. You all look like you had such a fun time! xoxoxoxo

LiLi M. said...

Whow this looks like sooo much fun and each and every project turned out great and looked different. Mmm I have to admit I envie you, just a little, but still...;-)

Lori said...

i love all of the projects from this event...they are all so cute!!! it sure looks like you all had a great time!!!

Holly Loves Art said...

Excellent photos Jessi! I am so glad I was part of the event! Have a great day!

Zinnia's on Melrose said...

I love the canvas swap that you did with Jenny, she is so talented. I love both canvases you two made. Gorgeous!
Hugs, Tricia

The Little Miss said...

uh u are sooooo pretty!!! Looks like you had a blast!!! So jelous! :)


Jenny said...

Great photos, Jessi!!! We must think of an excuse for you to make it out here...I think this is going to be the longest period of you not being in CA!! We'll have to do our own swap through the mail...LOL!!

Christine said...

Hi Jessi! Thanks for posting the fun pictures of our days together, you look FAB! I'm glad that I finally got to meet you, you're a doll and crazy fun to craft with! Stay in touch!

Julie L. Light said...

You girls look like you had tooooo much fun! All the classes looked awesome!
Have a fabulous day!

Jennifer Hayslip said...

FABULOUS post SIS! look too beautiful in those pics! ;) I really really LOVE your Ruth Rae bracelet. SO pretty!! I miss everyone already! I cant believe a week ago today we were crafting our little hearts out! ;) Love ya! XO,Jenn

Sherry Williams said...

Didn't we have a blast!! I love your fun! See ya soon at SB!
love ya, girl!

Anonymous said...

what a great time! you all look so happy! what color is your lipstick jessi, it is awesome!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Such light was created from such a time. You truly bring more joy and beauty to the world with your creations! Blessings dear.

Anonymous said...