Thursday, September 27, 2007

911 "This is an Emergancy!" Jessi's Speechless!

"Im not worthy!"
(Waynes world)

Ok let me back up a little
My super Generous swap
totally spoiled me today!!!


Look at this Raven!!! Totally cool!

Ok how cute is this little guy!

love him, totally Primitive!

This SCREAMS Jessi!

He's Adorable!!!

Paper Lanterns! totally cool!

She even gave me some

yummy face masks!

I saved all the ribbons!

LOVE Everything!

You have to go and check

out Kim's Blog!

She's Super talented!

In my 1st picture

that cupcake ornament,

(totally cute)

she makes them!

so fun!




Georgia Peachez said...

Oh lordy girl! that is stinkin' fabulous!! That Calamity Kim is SO over the top!! xo, suzy

Doe said...

You're soooo lucky! Love, love, love your loot!

Lori said...

oooh you got LOTS of great stuff!!! love the raven!!!

Anonymous said...

so glad it made you happy! Those masks were just too funny! I was working on a sleep mask to go with and didn't finish it. Now I will and send that with the flowers. Husband fixed camera in 2 seconds- will take pics when I get home from work today.

jen duncan said...

Good Night! That's a generous haul of great stuff!

Anonymous said...

What a totally fabulous swap package! Calamity Kim is so wonderfully creative.

Joy Zaczyk said...

I seriously have to start participating in these swaps! lol ;)