Thursday, September 13, 2007

Feeling FAT!

Ok girls!
i need to get my rear in gear!
feeling fat.
nothing in my closet fits!!(dang it)
Walked around the lake tues and wed.
a little sore, it's like 5 miles.
I have taken the last 2 months off.
But today it's back to

I love my jazzercise class!
We have the best instructor.
she's so funny!
she teaches 3 times a week.
makes me laugh
i forget im working out.
now that's my kind of workout.
Have a great day !


HippieDog said...

You are just darling!! Don't ever think your fat----Glad you had fun at the ScrapFest! I need so of your energy and fast!

Miss Rhea said...

Oh, Those dolls are darling. FAT: Full And Tickley. LOL I am sure you aren't Fat!

Scrappy Moments said...

That suprise is just Darling. Oh My Gosh! I had that Original Jazzercize Album, I was in the county fair with my Jazzercise group when I was 10 or so :) Really bought back some childhood memories there :)