Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Karla's "What do you love about your House?"

Karla's Having a party!
What do you love about your house?

In my last post
i took you on a little tour of
my favorite fall


outside this morning!

My garage side!
my favorite thing outside

is the view from my kitchen


On the inside i have
lot's of favorite things!
Here are 2 of my secret spaces
I collect Department 56!

ok ,im a little obsessed!
i collect almost all the villages
this is just a small portion of my

Secret Space #1



Secret Space #2



Last ,but not least

im crazy obsessed with smells!

i must have a 100 candles

plug ins, tart burners , room sprays

bowls of potpouri, carpet sprinkles.

ladies the list goes on

and on!

My favorite candle of the moment

is Banana Nut Bread by

"Keepers of the light"

This is just a little snippet of my life.

Come back often.

Im going to post my

Halloween village soon.

I can't wait for Christmas

season. Again, i go a little

coo coo. O' well lifes short!

Enjoy it!



karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Wow, is that a mansion???

Sugar Bear said...

What a beautiful home! Very stunning. I love the secret spaces!

Joy Zaczyk said...

How adorable are you?! :) And your house is GORGEOUS!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Beautiful "secret" displays! Can't wait to visit you for Christmas!!

Angelic Accents

Junie Moon said...

What a wonderful celebration of your home! I joined in the fun, too, because I am so inspired by everyone's sharing.

I love all your pictures, your collections, and all the fantastic details of your home. Seasonal decorations fascinate me and I'm always finding any holiday I can to give me an excuse to decorate. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful home and ideas.

Betty said...

Wow! Beautiful house! I love Dept. 56 too! What a cute idea to set them up in a cabinet.

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

Your home is LOVELY! So big but so warm and inviting Must be like your Heart!....I adore your secret spaces! HOw fun! I love dept 56 too we have a few Christmas things...I hope to collect the Halloween one day!....
Thanks for sharing...I have been loving your photo stream and the sweet and sinister swap photos too.


It's gorgeous. Very unlike anything we have in Arizona. What a wonderful change for you.

Scrappy Moments said...

Beautiful Home, I love your Village too :) It will be fun to see the Halloween Village, looking forward to that!


Anonymous said...

I am a closet Dept 56 Village collector too!! I am green with envy over your collections and your "secret" places where you keep them....GGRRR...Very lovely!!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

What a pretty home Jessi!! I had to laugh when you were showing the before's and after's!! LOL So cute!! Heather

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Just stunning!!! That fron entryway is incredible.

Artifax said...

Banana nut bread! Mmmm .. what a yummy scent!

Love the secret spaces with their hidden villages! :)

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

First of all, the exterior of your house is GORGEOUS!! So grand!!
Secondly, I LOVE your house collection. (I have one too, but they are ones I paint, so I don't have nearly as many! :)
I just love little villages; it's like being transported into a little magical world.
I am just like you with the candles. I will probably never in my lifetime burn all the candles I have, but I am sucked into buying new with all the wonderful scents. I'm the same with bath&body lotions and such. I could open a store! LOL!!

www.angelinascards.com said...

very beautiful and I love all the country style pieces. I also love keepers of the light. They are the best candles! Hugs,Angelina

Anonymous said...

Jessi your home is just gorgeous! I can smell the Bannana nut bread from my house! LOL! That is sooo cool that you collect Dept 56. I collect the Halloween villages. Your home looks sooo warm cozy and inviting. Thanks for sharing,and cant wait to meet you in person at Silver Bella!

Lori said...

i love the view outside your window too, gorgeous!!!

Boxwood Cottage said...

What a fantastic home you have Jessi! The garage for 3 cars OMG! It might be the size of my whole cottage lol Great collection too!
Hugs Carol xox

Anonymous said...

Love your home, I am a sucker for homes with columns. So pretty. I wish I could make myself little and come to play at your little villages. We collect the dept 56 Halloween villages. I can't wait to put them up when we move in on Fri. Are you going to Silver Bella? I just got a spot and I am super excited.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful!!!! I love smells too!!!


pinkroses said...

As usual Jessi-just lovely! The time and love and care you put into making your "house" a "home" is reflected in your photos...so welcoming and warm...and fun! I look forward to seeing you at Silver Bella!

bluemuf said...

Beautiful home and I enjoyed looking at all your collections.