Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jessi's been crafty!!!

Hola ladies!
it's been a busy weekend around here!

Lots of relaxing, crafting, boating, eating, shopping & glittering!

Heres what i've been up too.

Baby girl banner for

Dani's shower in Sept.

Been busy doing some
Halloween swap stuff.
heres just a few things!

Little banner for swap.
This is my Halloween take on the

Awesome Kimla Kay's ribbons!
pales in comparrison to hers.
But it was allot of fun to make.

Halloween swap hat!

Still making my yo- yo tags!

Started a few Fall projects!
Metal glitter acorn! cute and heavy in person!

I also started on a few
Holiday Projects!

this is bottlecap charm bracelet!

looks vintage!

Last but not least!

I was asked to do a "Paper Doll Swap"
Here are my finished girls!

10 Total!

one for me!

Ok i have never made paper dolls

in my life!

They were a blast!

They are totally blinged out.

4 bottles of "stickles" glitter glue

to make these 10 girls.

lots of Rhinestones!

Homemade mini crowns and wands!

Hours of dry time!

In the end I love them!

I think i found yet "another"

thing im addicted too!



Have a great week!



Staci said...

I love those paper dolls.
How did you do it?
I have never made them before but they are sooooo cute.
If I knew how I would be addicted to

ArtsyMama said...

You have been a busy, busy girl. LOVE LOVE LOVE it all! Those paper dolls are fab!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Your dolls are just wonderful!! Very nice, it's amazing that this was your first go at it--they look perfect!
Smiles, Karen

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I've been totatlly hooked on paper doll dresses myself,but you make me want to add a doll to some!

Maija said...

I love everything, especially those paper dolls!!

Bristol said...

I love that pink and green tag!!!
Takes me back to tose preppy days.
So we are both 37, what was your style back in the 80's?

Kimla Kay said...

Jessi, your paper dolls are so cute!! I'm lovin' all your fun creations!