Sunday, January 6, 2008

DUH!!!! Testing downloading! please comment!


Help me out peeps!

My friend Creative Muse

brought to my attention that

she was having a hard time loading

my blog. It would crash or take forever!

I think i fixed the problem!

The part where you can choose how many

posts you want to show was never set.

it said 500. DUH!!!

so i set it to 10.


Leave me a comment if

it seemed to load faster!!!

Thanks my friends!!!!!


Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

It definitely seemed faster to load today!! I just thought it was my PC being slow, I used to click onto your page and wander off and do a quick job and then come back!

Thanks for the helpful changes!



Hi Sweet Jessi: It loaded waaaaay faster. Have a great day!

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

Yahooo! It's awesome now so quick easy no Crunching! Yeah Baby!
I was even thinking in my sleep that maybe it was the font size of all things...hehehe


Anonymous said...

Yes, it does seem faster. I would fix my coffee in the AM while waiting for your blog to load, now I am going to have to come with my cuppa ready. ;O)

Beth Leintz said...

You know, it did used to load slow-but it was lots faster today. Way to go!

Alison Gibbs said...

To be honest I didn't notice it being too slow.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it loaded faster. yeah you...
Have fun with the swaps. I missed them bummer.

Cathy said...

Hi Jessi, It loaded fast as lightning for today, Sunday! No problem. Love the Peeps pic.


Cathy said...

Hi Jessi, Can you send me the link to Karla and Beth's Sweet Swap? I would love to be part of this group?

Thank you sweets,


Erin said...

much faster :) thank you

Anonymous said...


Maija said...

I didn't have any problems before, so it's still great!

Anonymous said...

Yes ...It is way better! I actually had to get a new computer..and before this new one...I couldn't visit your blog. With the new computer it was much better...but now that you fixed is PERFECT! Now I can visit you every day!! Smiles!!;)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is loading fine today.

Happy new year, Jessi.


the said...

THANK you so much !! I could never see your whole blog because it would say there was an error ! Now Im going to go back and look around some more !
Have a great week !

Monica said...

too funny my sister and I were just talking about this yesterday! She said she went to look and it was taking forever , much faster now though :)

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Yes it went alot faster today. Have a good night!!

Bristol said...

I just thought it was my computer.
Much better~~

Grace said...

Faster and even I finally got to post! Yay...Now missy where did you find Valentine's stuff? If you weren't so darn sweet and cute I could hate you right now! LOL! But seriously I am in Artsy's swap and I have been searching all over a little too soon. I have gotten some cute things but you look like you will be done fast! Everything looks great thanks for sharing. Hugz Grace

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessi!!
Your awesome blog loaded up right away - yea!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thought it was just moi!
Have a great week lady

Anonymous said...

i love your blog but it use to take forever, but today i tired and it was so fast great job. even though it took a while i would still wait to read your blog. love it peggylee

pinkroses said...

Wow Jess...sometimes loading your blog would SHUT DOWN my ENTIRE computer...SOOOO much better...I never mentioned it, cause I thought it was just me! xo suzanne