Thursday, January 17, 2008

CrAzY mInD!!!

I can't beleive it's
allready Thursday!

Time is flying!

I finished my box & tag
project from
Winter Bella

This was a really fun project.
i really love the colors i used.

it's a perfect spring gift!

I also joined in on the
12 days of christmas e-zine!
Here is a scrapbook i made, with
all 12 projects! what a fun way to
start out December!
Thanks Teresa!

Thanks for all your creative inspiration!

I have had a few people

ask me how my tag gate

is coming along!

Heres an update!

it's getting full, but there

is still plenty of room for

more tags, and notes! I plan to hang

all the tags I get from my

Valentines and Easter swaps!

It's so fun!

I also want to share these

wonderful lollipops with
all of you!


I only have 2 left, I bought 8.
I used them in some of my swaps!

They are so cute!


Ive been keeping myself

pretty busy, trying to keep my

(crazy) mind of of my surgery!

This is what my kitchen table

looks like today!

Scrapbook Central!

Im doing our last years summer

vacation pictures!

It really makes me want to go

somewhere warm, and sunny!

It's FREEZING here!

below -0's!


So there is a light

at the end of this

winter tunnel!

We just finalized our

Family reunion cruise!

Mexican Rivera!

Summer 2008!

Tomorrow i get to order

one of these babies!

I know, i know you are all

super jealous!

i will be on the first floor

for a week or two!




At least I have this

to look forward too!



It's going to be great!

Well my friends, that's

all ive got today!

Have a super end of the


it's almost





Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I love the scrapbook you made! The tag gate is fabulous!!! Would you be interested swapping Val/Easter tags one on one? I missed out on so many swaps! I now have a blog bookmarked with listings so I won't miss anymore lol. Take care.

Charmingdesigns said...

I guess I missed what kind of surgery are you having? Can I get your address, I think there is a spot waiting on your gate for a tag from me...can you give me your Thanks! laurie

the said...

Hi ! Looks like you have been busy ! I love all the crafts you do.
I tagged you for a neat little questionaire on my blog !
Have a great evening :)

Unknown said...

I LOVE the scrapbook girl! You have been busy! Good luck with your operation and have fun on your Cruise!!


Lori said...

hmmm hmmm hmmm that lollipop looks somewhat familiar {???} well, we'll see...

girl, do you EVER sleep...seriously...i mean are just go go go...

i LOVE your tag gate...i am sending you something to hang on it:)

Maija said...

Your Winter Bella tags and box are so pretty! I am really impressed with your 12 days scrapbook - I have mine in an ugly white binder!
I'm going to have to make a special little tag for your gate!

Jeanne said...

Jessi, your tag box turned out super! And I love your idea for compiling all the 12 Days projects into a book. I hear you have all your Hippity Hop Swap projects done! I had hoped you would be in our group, but I'm happy you got in on the swap. Good luck on your surgery...I've been through it myself...when do you go in for it?

Unknown said...

Jessi, You do such fabulous work..I love everything!
I see you are having surgery. You will be in my prayers.
Blessings ~Mary~

Anonymous said...

i love everything you made!! And your gate with all those tags, how adorable!! I am still working on my Winter Bella box and goodies. Sorry you have to endure surgery :(