Monday, January 7, 2008


I do!

I need to send out
a big THANKS to
creative muse!
Ive seen the light!!!
You my dear are
my crown for the

Thanks for all the comments
on the last post!

Im so sorry it took this
long to realize there was
a problem!!!


Now y'all can come
visit me more often!

"Come out, come out"
(me singing!)
Don't be affraid to comment!

I LOVE to hear
from each and everyone
of you!!!!



Lori said...

YEAH!!! i'm so glad you got that bug worked out!!! i was always having trouble with your page too, why i didn't visit as much before {SORRY!!!} that problem was fixed for me when i switched to google reader as that only loads the newest posts!!!

Betty said...

I thought it was just my computer. Duh me! I'm glad you got it fixed though it never stopped me from visiting. Your blog is always so fun!

Kim Caldwell said...

Yippee! I thought it was just my computer! It would always freeze up and leave me needing to restart before I could comment. I am soooo thrilled. It came up soooo fast!

KE said...

Much Better!!!!


jen duncan said...

LOL! Some people probably go their whole lives not realizing that was the problem. Glad you got it taken care of. :-)

Unknown said...

YEah!!! You fixed it! I didn't know your blog had a bug I thought it was mine! LOL! :) Yes I will be back more...*clapping hands*

Anonymous said...

Cuppa in hand reading. Have a happy day!

mendytexas said...

Just caught your valentine sneak peaks, and now I am in the mood! I love val day! Cute stuff!! :)mendy

Valita said...

Funny I also thought it was my PC since I have the same problem with a few other blogs. LOL.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Wizard of OZ references. said...

I did the same thing, had mine set at 50, which with as many photos as I do, was way too much. Plus I wasn't resizing my pictures. People were telling me it took forever to open and Typepad said they didn't know why! then a few readers mentioned the amount of posts I had listed and Beth Leintz told me to resize and it made all the differance in the world.

the thing is, my computer is fast and I never had a problem with it here. I could always open yours fine too. But I am glad you got it fixed so other people can enjoy you as much as I do!