Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cruise Conclusion

Happy Thursday!

Today is the first day of school.
woo hoo!
I'm happy to be getting back into a routine.

OK kids...
Here are the rest of my cruise photos

Playing in the Casino

The Emerald dining club.

We had a special anniversary dinner in this private supper club.

Excellent food.


It was such a fantastic meal.


Nassau Bahamas

After a long day of exploring, shopping, and walking, it was time to cool of at

"Senior Frogs"

End of the day, back to the boat.

Hanging at the bar before dinner

Our super fun Table mates!!

This is Onsimoe, our crazy funny waiter.

This was his last week before he got to go home to Honduras for 2 months. He was so excited to see his family.

The last night he sang "Happy Anniversary" to me and Chris. OK so he did it every night.

but tonight we had to kiss till he was done singing.
if we stopped, he would start over.

We made it!

Last morning on the boat.

What a fantastic week we had!!
One of the best vacations we have ever taken!!!
My 40th birthday is in December, and i think we are going to go on a Southern Caribbean cruise to celebrate!
I'm in!!!!


Stephanie said...

Im just catching up with all your pics and such. WOW! Looks like an awesome time, I love it!
I just had my 40th on Monday and we went to Vegas. I will post some pics about it this weekend.....
The 40's are so bad :)
Thanks for sharing your awesome vaca, I love your pics!

m i c h e l l e said...

OHMIGOSH Jessi! Your pictures are so cute and you two look like you had so much fun! Thanks so much for sharing with us! I REALLY want to go on a cruise!!!

Simply Me Art said...

From the Pics it really looks like you two had such a Great time. Your husband seems like he is a crack up too. Of course any trip with out the kiddos and just the two of you has to be good. Have a great weekend, xoxoxoxo,

LiLi M. said...

This was quite a trip! You did manage well without the kids LOL. Thanks for sharing all your great photos! And now back to business, but before you know it it will be December :-)!

Grace said...

How stinkin cute you 2 are! Happy look 25 never mind about to be 40! Thanks for sharing all the fun..I love cruises! Hugs Grace

Unknown said...

This post was just too cute Jessi! I love seeing you and your guy so happy and in love!! What a beautiful place too!! What did ya buy??? A cruise for your birthday?? Fabulous!!

My boys dont go back until Sept. 8th!! I will be glad not to hear fighting every five minutes, lol!

Suzanne MacCrone Rogers ▪️ Italian Girl in Georgia™ said...

Oh Jessi, those photographs are a hoot and you two look beautiful!

Ciao bella,

Kasey said...

what a darling blog you have..
so glad to have found you.

Joanna {sweet finds} said...

Great photos! Did you like Belize? Go tubing?

My SIL is from there. My entire family went to Belize for week when my brother/SIL got married. It's beautiful there.

I like your hair! Looks like you cut & colored it. very cute!

hugs, Joanna

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

Glad you had fun. Great pics. I'd like to do a cruise again. We took a cruise to Bermuda & got married on the beach.

Unknown said...

I could tell you two cuties had a BLAST! I love all the pix! The food looked awesome! I went to Senior Frogs in Cancun and boy were the guys all over us gal that night..tee,hee!

Sandy xox

Maija said...

Let me know about your b day cruise....maybe we can make is a grown up party at sea and Al and I can join you and Chris!

Anonymous said...

I just smile, laugh, giggle, wish, dream and want to jump along with you when I am here!! What a fun place to relax and come to! Although, I will admit... I can just as easily go on that cruise too... (wink wink!) Try the OUTLANDS... They have a favorite of mine..."Cat Island" Guess it is my namesake! Thanks for your wonderful posts! You brighten my day!


Jack said...

Its amazing. You guys are looking incredible. It seems like you had great fun there..lovely place. I am feeling very good and really happy for you.
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