Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ooops forgot these!


It's the Weekend!!!

I'm so excited to "try" to relax. Go out on our boat. Try to learn my new phone.

Here are a few pics that i forgot about.

Thanks everyone for all the nice comments and emails.

It truly was a Fabulous trip.





Decor To Adore said...

How cute are you guys! Glad it was a wonderful time.

NicNacManiac said...

Sure looked like you guys had tons of fun without the kiddies!!

Diane Mars said...

Well it is good to see we Hubby and I aren't alone with taking lot's of pictures. Thanks for sharing sure looks like a great celebration!
Having Fun This Weekend, Diane

kana said...

Looks like you guys had sooo much fun...great idea for an anniversary celebration!

Unknown said...

These are all so beautiful Jessi! I think you are the most photogenic family ever, lol! How funny, my husband just got his iPhone and has been playing with it for days, lol! I hope you were able to relax today!

♥zoe♥ said...

Sooooooo lovely couple pictures! You such a photogenic gorgeous lady! *teehee*

The Vintage Vagablonde said...

Saw all your fun cruise and your Hubby are like Barbie and Ken :)

I turn 40 in Dec. too....on the 19th.
Headed to Vegas for some girl fun...then Hubby and I will take a belated B-day trip in the Summer~"Paris" baby!!!

Holly Loves Art said...

LOVED getting caught up on your blog and your fabulous vacay! I feel like I was there with you both (wish I was... ha ha!).

You both look so happy and gorgeous and relaxed... so tan! The food looks scrumptious. My mom loves cruises and has been telling us we should take one... haven't tried them yet but after seeing all these wonderful pictures I know we will one day.

Thanks for sharing all these beautiful photos Jessi!


Unknown said...

great pictures, looks like you had a wonderful time, thanks for stopping by my blog.

chinamommy said...

LOVE all the cruise pics! we were jst on Carnival in April & i wish i would have bought the pic of my mister & the "showgirl" whose rump his hand was a LITTLE TOO CLOSE to! haha!
i have the same cupcake bkground on my blog too!!! CUTE!
~misschell (chinamommy)

Stephenie said...

You guys look so cute together.. What fun pictures.. Looks like you had a wonderful time..
Hope all is well..

Gina M Smith said...

Cute, cute pix-all-I had to read two weeks to get caught up!