Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cruise Fun Cont.....


Hey guys, on with the cruise!


2nd time here.
We love it.

Island mascot

Giant Fan Palm

Tug of war games

Local celebrity

REAL live starfish.

They are so beautiful.


Bye Belize!!

Next day....

*Costa Maya*

Mamasita's Bar restaurant and pool


Triple Margarita!!


Lime, mango and strawberry

Chris's lunch!


After a long day of shopping, eating and drinking, It's time to head back to the boat.

Bye Costa Maya!!!

Off to dinner!!!

Silly husbands trying to dance
Crazy Chris!

OK , this is enough craziness for one day.

Next up ...

Our Private Anniversary dinner at

"The Emerald Club."

and Nassau, Bahamas


see ya soon!!!




Lori said...

girl, it is not even fair how good you look in your bikini...i am having a little envy issue guys look SO cute is obvious from your pics that you had a wonderful time on your anniversary cruise!!!

ann said...

OMG!!!! You guys look like newlyweds!!!!! I am soooo jealous! So glad to see you having so much fun...too cute!

vivian said...

OH beautiful!! I want to go there!

Monica said...

I am loving all your super FUN pics!
Looks like you too had a wonderful anniversary cruise :)

Valarie said...

I must say that if I looked like you, I would grocery shop in my bikini. Your trip looks wonderful. Have a lovely day. xxoo Valarie

mendytexas said...

The pics are all incredible...loved the spots you saw. Now I'm in the mood for cruisin' again! Belize was always a fav! :)mendy

Akanksha said...

Its amazing. You all guys are looking beautiful. It looks like you have great experience there. I am feeling very good and happy.
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