Sunday, August 16, 2009

Were Home!

Hey Guys!
Were Home!

Our Cruise Vacation was Awesome!!!

I will share more this week

Hope everyone had a fantastic week!


luckygirlgifts said...

Welcome back, we missed you.
Glad you had a good time, can't wait for pictures.

Beki said...

OMG! Look at the size of that ship. I'm sooooo jealous.
Look forward to reading all about it!
Beki xxx

Cynthia Flores said...

I love that pic of you with the hat!! Welcome back!!

LiLi M. said...

hey Jessi, good to have you back here safe & sound! Have a great start of the week, but it will be getting used to normal life to you :-D!

Lori said...

welcome back...glad that you had a good got a nice little tan:)

Jeanne said...

Great that you two are back. Bet you had an absolutely wonderful time!

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

Welcome Back!

Victoria xx

The Vintage Rabbit said...

can't wait to see all the pictures!!


Anonymous said...

What a ship - how was everything ?

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The Vintage Rabbit said...

so glad you had a fabulous time!!
i have never been on a cruise...hey my 45th is in Sept.!!! probably to late to book one!!! i might have to be happy with going out to Sushi!!!

i hope you get to go on another cruise for your 40th!!

smiles, Joy~