Wednesday, November 4, 2009

18 woo hoo

Happy Birthday
 to my sweet girl

Happy 18th!

Love my Girl!!!



Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Taylor!! You lucky girl, I want to be 18 again!!! I hope you have tons of fun!! Your gorgeous!! Just like your mom :)

Karen Witte-Elkins said...

I goes by so quickly! She is lovely, just like mom. Birthday wishes to both of you!!!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Anonymous said...

Jessi.. great pictures of you both..many happy bday wishes to her!!!


Miss Rhea said...

Awe, Happy Birthday Taylor !! She looks just like you Jesse :) It goes so fast, huh ? Hugs :) :) said...

Happy Birthday to your girl, Jessi, she is so pretty!!! Rachaelxo

Lori said...

Jessi, your daughter is gorgeous!!! you two look like you could be sisters...i hope Taylor is having a wonderful birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful
daughter Taylor!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday.... oh to be 18 again!

Elyse said...

wow! what FUN and adorable photos of you two together! happy 18th to your daughter!


Dianne said...

How sweet! Hope Taylor had an awesome 18th. I can see both you and her dad in her, so a nice mix. : )
Have fun at Silver Bella-your goodies look fab!

PS-my only child, Sean just turned 23! (gulp)