Friday, November 6, 2009

New Fav Finds!


Woo Hoo
I'm so happy the weekend is here.

Im finishing up some of my Silver Bella gifts, and swaps.

This is about all i can show.
The Bellas are lurking
tee hee

Ok Girls its time for Fav Finds

Love Love Love
The best coffee in the world!

My Favorite Fall scent!

EEEKKK so cute!

Glittered photo corners


New Flocking Powders

awesome soft fuzzy dimension

New Glitter TINSEL

These Rock!!
loads of fab colors.

I love this Camera!
Instant 2x3 photos
Love that!

I love my new boots.
Im boot crazy this year!

Thats all folks!

Have a Fabulous Weekend!



Unknown said...

Hi Jessi! Those gifts look so pretty, I wouldnt even want to open them!

I saw those glittered photo corners at Michaels and loved them!!! I have been kicking myself that I did buy them :( LOVE Anthropologie and LOVE those boots!! I am such a boot girl :) That camera rocks! I love the idea of instant digital! That hair dryer is adorable and perfect for you!!

I hope Taylor had a wonderful birthday :) I bet she will celebrate this weekend :)
Big Hugs,

Grace said...

Great gifts...that barbie t3 oh my! I have a boring white one...I did get at Taget this cute Pink regular blowdryer just because it was Pink! lol Lucky Bellas who are getting those goodies have a great weekend thanks so much for sharing goodies that I must go buy! Grace

♥zoe♥ said...

OOoHh Jessi,
Whoever receive your gifts will freaking happy and sure everyone will snap pic before open them! Sweet Pincess wrapping paper and i love the mint and baby pink concept applied on those gifts:)

OMG THE Barbie t3!!!!!!! I want one too*lol*Amazing fav finds! The boots really pretty, diva jessi*teehee*
I love and enjoyed looking at all your loving photos with Taylor, feel so sweet and warmth:)
Huggies & kisses

mendytexas said...

Oh boy! lurking lurking lurking...
So fun!

So did you buy both pair of boots??

See ya in a few days! Mendy

Susie Vasquez said...

wow to toooo cute.... lucky ladies!
have fun at Silver Bella...
xoxo Susie

Pony Girl said...

I was in anthro tonight drooling over everything in that store! Can rarely afford anything there though, unfortunately.
I was just back east and was suprised how popular Dunkin Donuts is! That coffee sounds really good though....anything with vanilla in it is good! :)

Lori said...

Jessi, your SB swaps look so pretty, your packaging is gorgeous...i want to try those flocking powders, i think they look so cool!!!

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

Great list.

Beth Ruby said...

Ooooh I love dunkin doghnuts lol
and that camera looks awesome!
Super cute post
Love the blog

Cathy said...

Hi Jessi, Oh my. I love the glitter and the glittery photo corners. And those boots OMG!!! What a great post of wonderful items I can ask Santa for.

Have a great weekend.

xo Cath

Jennifer Hayslip said...

Girl!!!! You are SO my sister! LOL!!! Ok, I was just at Michaels 3days ago, and bought both the pink and aqua flocking powder AND the same glittery tag corners! 4 weeks ago I bought the same Martha glitter kit. Also the Harvest candle is sitting on my kitchen counter right now. Crazzy scarey! LOL!!!
Love the boots!!!!! Counting the days!! XO,Jenn