Thursday, November 19, 2009

Silver Bella part 2

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Hey Dolls!!

Ok on with the bellarific weekend!!

~Welcome Night~

Gorgeous little sisters!
Cynthia,Jenny, and Valerie

Thats my Gorgeous litle sister
Valerie Jones

Tiffany & Me

Heather & Me
She hosted the ornament swap i was in.

Heather made these darling bags!

They are all darling!
they will go on my "silver Bella tree"


first day of classes
My first class with Rebecca
love this girl!

Cigar box assembledge.
beautiful class

Michelle, Me and Cheryl

Cari & Me

Me & Kim

Danielle & Me

Me & Meleen

Hope & Me

Me & Caroline
Meleens darling daughter!

Teresa & Me

2nd class
Jennifer Murphy's
Snowman clip

she's darling!

3rd class
Kaari Meng
Rosary class

she's such a doll!

Love French General Kits!!!
the best!

Vendor night was a Blast!!

Kim, me and Christine

Me & Mendy

Tricia & me

Me & Stacey

Annalise & Me

Jenn & me

Val, Me, Jenny and Christine

Me & Christine

Joanna & me

Amy & Me

Kim & Me

Shannon & Me

Me & Sherry

Me & Cynthia

Gangsta Bellas

Sorry so grainy,
i don't have a scanner.
This Photo Booth was allot of fun!

End of the night.
Time to have some glittery dreams!



Lori said...

great pics's so fun to see who all was there...the bag from Heather is adorable...i love the little snow guy, he is precious...too funny the picture of you and Annalise being "gangsta"...LOL

leesiebella said...

dying, i love it! ha ha ha

don't mess with me, i'll shank you!


Holly Loves Art said...

OMG Jessi Girl, that is a lot of pictures! Thanks so much for sharing. Sooo fun to see the girls wearing my aprons. I think you look adorable in your Barbie apron! And how cute is Amy's apron? It is soooo "her!"

Bryanna Lenan said...

Fun, funm fun!!

Ginger said...

What fun, I love looking at all you gals pictures of Silver Bella. Im not really sure what it all is but love it!!! Where is it held? Such cute aprons on everyone.


Alison Gibbs said...

Jessi thank you so much for sharing with us some of the fun you had at Silver Bella. Looks like you girls had a great time

Ginger said...

I love your blog so much I became a follower and put your cookie button on my blog.


The Vintage Rabbit said...

Thanks for sharing all the fun!!! All you girls are gorgeous!!! what a fun time!!!! glad i could live it through your pics.!!!!



Unknown said...

OHHHHHH Jessi, It was a tad hard to see these wonderful pics. I was going to go and then not go and then go and so back and forth and at the end I could not swing it . OHHHHH it looked so fun. It is the people that are the best !!!! Such wonderful friendships!!! BOO HOOO. but I am glad it was so fun for everyone!! Hey do safeway cookies count??? ... Here is the recipe ... go to store, pick out cookie ,buy , take home , eat !!Very easy!!! TEEE HEEE Hugs Julie

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

So much fun you gals had Jessi! I love the picture of you and Analise... so cute. hahaha

I LOVE the barbie apron too!! sooo cute.


Unknown said...

I love the items you made in your classes! Everyone looked great too! Welcome back!

Sandy xox

Anonymous said...
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♥zoe♥ said...

Omg that's too fun looking at these pics! Gosh I wish i stay in US *lol*:)
This is such a amazing fun event to attend!

Have a fab week Jessi hehe

Anonymous said...