Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hail Caesar!!!

Happy Day Girls!

OK so 1 month from today i will be 40!

Were going on a Southern Carribean cruise in March. woo hoo. Escape the dreery midwest winter.

Hubby just surprised me and we are also going to go to

 for my actual Birthday!
Woo hoo!!

Were staying at

One word Ladies.

Juicy Couture
Tiffany & Co
Vouis Vuitton
Harry Winstons
Jimmy Choo
Tory Burch

The first day we will do a little shopping then have dinner at Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab

Head over to PURE night club have a little drink do a little dancing!

woo hoo!!

The 2nd day, the big day!
we'll do breakfast by the pool

Lunch at Spago

a little more shopping
then get ready for dinner at

and then off to see
 CHER at the colosseum.

Maybe hit the Casino after the show for some drinks and slots!

Should be so cool.

The 3rd day
sleep in! tee hee!
maybe some sight seeing.
a little more shopping
then off to the airport to head home!

Then Pass Out!!!

Im so excited!!!
I guess 40's not so bad?

Should be a Fabulous trip!

Silver Bella
is this week.
I will take tons of photo's

Have a Fantastic week girls!!




icandy... said...

Jessi! That sounds like such a fantastic birthday bash!!! You know, I'll be 40 in April...I hope that mine is just as fun... I'm ready to celebrate!

Grace said...

Love Vegas you will have a great time! You have a great hubby but he has a great u! Have a blast at Silver Bella can't wait to see pictures and hear of all the fun!!Hugs Grace

Jana Perenchio said...

Ooooooo, your Vegas trip sounds FABULOUS and the perfect way to celebrate your birthday!! See you SOON!

Melissa said...

Hey Doll! That sounds like a lot of fun (that and the cruise). Have a blast at Silver Bella.

Big hugs!

Kathy said...

Yay Jessi! What a fabulous way to spend your much fun!!! See you soon!


Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

I love Vegas, you lucky thing!!!!

My brother and his wife always stay at Caesar's, it's their favourite hotel.

Have a great time there and of course at Silver Bella. Can't wait to see the photos!

Victoria xxx

Lori said...

how fun your birthday trip sounds Jessi!!!

Unknown said...

You lucky girl Jessi!! Your husband is such a sweetie!!

obsessed scrapbooker said...

You might want to squeeze this in one day-

My dh and I went there a couple of years ago and it was FABULOUS! One of the best experiences ever (and GREAT photo ops!)

Have a blast!

Debbies Doodle said...

GREAT PICTURES... you will always be young at heart...

Jenny said...

You always have the most fantastic adventures!!! That sounds like an awesome trip--got any room for a friend in your suitcase... ha ha!!! HOpe you have fun this weekend at Silver Bella- can't wait to see your pics!!

♥zoe♥ said...

WOW!!! That's a fantastic Birthday celebration! I'm hoping my man would do the same way to me hopefully i will dream first hehe:)
Your hubby such a romantic person.

Have a fab week!

Anonymous said...

You are going to have a GREAT bday! Will you be taking pix of all your beverages again? LOL
See you 2 moro! Love yoU!

Rochelle said...

Love Anthropologie! Got my fix in at Portland's store when I was there for Art and Soul in September! Have a great time at Silver Bella! :)

april o. said...

OMG!! I so wanted to see Cher for my 40th!! It just did not happen!! Have a great time!

The Vintage Vagablonde said...

I know you are livin it up at Silver Bella right now~lucky girl!

Not sure when you are coming back...maybe never once you hit your party bus~lol

I know you have a great Etsy store that sells fun vintage and hand~made items. Just wanted to invite you to be a part of My Flea will run for 2 weeks. Starting on Black Friday.

I have quite a few great blogging gals who will be participating. The closest thing I can get to the "Rose Bowl" via the web~lol

Have a great to you soon~Sheri

Scrap It Swanky Sister said...

Looks like that will be tons of fun! I'll be turning the big 35 here next week, it's just a number and we should all be happy we made it this far right? ;0)

Fleur de Bee said...

Hey girlie! I had no idea you were don't even look it baby! You will always be young with your vibrance! You are coming to MY neck of the woods! TOO fun! Wave as you fly by...I'll be the girl who went back to school in her 30's and is a bit mental because of it LOL!

Have a blast and enjoy Cher...she's a blast!

xoxo Molly

Swoon with Deb Hodge said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!
You and I are just one day apart, I am Dec 9th :)
OK.......I'm just a few years older though.....tee hee
Much love!

Anonymous said...

Politeness costs nothing and gains everything.