Thursday, August 30, 2007

Been A Busy Girl!

There are never enough hours
in the day!

Im sort of additicted
to these yo-yo's
here's a few I made with
the aqua and chocolate
fabrics i bought.
I bought some more fabrics this past weekend.
black and hot pink & green and hot pink.
Im going to get started on those this weekend.

I have been working on a
little project.
Can't talk to much about it.
Don't know to much about it.

But here are a few peaks at it.

Not sure what's going to come of these little homes?

I'll keep ya posted when I find out more.

I think there pretty darn cute. hope "they" do to.

Well campers have a great Thursday!

im off to visit the Fabulous Teresa McFayden.

She's doing a book signing for my friend in Germany.

I will post the photos of that goody package tomorrow!

Carola's going to be so excited!




I love those houses. Can't wait to make some!

jen duncan said...

Looking forward to seeing what the plan is for your sweet!
yes, Carol will LOVE you for getting her an autographed copy, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...


These homes are SOOOO FABULOUS!!!! Ohhh I just love,love,love them!!!!


Lori said...

Jessi, those little houses are just adorable!!! love the colors and the sparkliness!!! so sweet!!!

Little ol' Me said...


I've just found your blog and it's tons of scrappy fun!

Love those sweet little houses, I'll have to try a few for Halloween.

Scrappy Moments said...

Beautiful Houses. I have never seen them done like this before, absolutelly gorgous Work :)


Helle Greer said...

hi jessi,
Those houses is just the cutest.
Did you make them from scratch? or just decorated them if so where did you get them?? Love them.

Cathy said...


I absolutely adore those houses. I can't believe how absolutely perfect they are. I love, love, love, love them. Are you going to sell them anywhere? I want to buy some!!!

Where can I get some to paint, if you don't mind giving away your secrets?

Thank you for sharing them on Flickr too.