Friday, August 24, 2007

Vintage kitchen & Halloween "stuff" Gifts for Jenny

Here are my goodies
i got from my swap buddy
Jenna Z

Vintage kitchen tools!
How cute is that salt & pepper shaker set.

Vintage tablecloth wrapped up in pretty fabric ribbons!

Awesome copper cake mold!

Yummy spice cakes are calling me.


vintage fabric apron.

totally cute!



Thanks so much!

I love everything!


How cute is this little box?

Umm, Totally cute!

Look at this Halloween cone!


Both were made by the

ultra talented Ele

At a bit of pink heaven!

Love my new stuff!

Here a few antique store finds

I could'nt help myself.

bought these for the super cute

Jenny Heid!

she allready found them on flickr.

she was the first to leave comments

how funny!

she'll enjoy them.

Vintage Birthday
cake plate.

This screams Jenny!

How cute is this "half" coffee cup.

Aqua. Totally Jenny!

One last thing!

How cute is this little gift package?

It came as a bonus with my "bit of pink Heaven"


Totally sweet!

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jen duncan said...

Oh Lucky you! What fantabulous stuff you rec'd!
I have to tell you, I have that identical BD plate. I got it on ebay a few months ag, and I DID think of Jenny, for a minute-- but once I got it in my kitchen...well; it never made it out! So I guess you're nicer than me. :-)

Ijsbeer said...

wow what a cool swap! All the vintage stuff here costs a fortune. Ever since vintage became in all the store increased their prices so much its cheaper to buy stuff new. Thats the disadvantage of living near to a city. All the other areas of Norway you can still find really cool stuff for reasonable prices.

Lori said...

love your kitchen swap goodies...and the stuff for Jenny is out of this world cute, yes it is so her colors!!! love the stuff you got from Ele,i went over to see her after the last time you mentioned her and i just love her blog, thanks for introducing me :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Scrappy Jessi!
These swaps look like so much fun! I can't wait to do one!!

Saucy said...

those are perfect for jenny! just her colours!