Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

What a fun weekend!
did lot's of crafting, shopping, and

Ok im not much of a sewing girl
but i started messing around this
weekend. and Voila!


Heres what i made with them!
How fun are these tags!

I always send a tag or card with my care packages
These just might be my new tag!

I bought yummy fabrics in chocolate & pink.
and aqua & chocolate.

stay tuned those are coming next.

Heres a close up!
they are so fun!

here's the backside!
Im pretty excited!
about these little tags.

I found my teenage daughters car this weekend!

It's so cute!
she's almost 16!

I feel old!


this will make me feel better!

Girls, im on the countdown!
less then 10 days!!!

Im so excited for a fun weekend away!

Mall of America here I come!

I even signed up for a bunch of classes
Elsie Flannigan's class! (KI)
Amy Butler's class (k & co)
so excited to meet these ladies!
both so inspiring!

Getting so busy with "swaps" for Fall

2 paper doll swaps

2 halloween swaps

so fun!

stay tuned in for pictures from those projects!

"CROWN" of the week!


She's signed up for driver's ed!

only 2 months till sweet 16!

The "gray" hairs are a poppin up left & right!

Have a Fabulous Monday!



Sugar Bear said...

Love your tags! Happy early birthday to your daughter! I remember drivers ed!

Leslie said...

The tags are so yummy! And congrats on your 16-year-old. My oldest is 31! Yikes. Talk about grey hair!!

Betty said...

Ack!! Jessi! My "baby" just turned 15 this summer. I am turning gray just thinking about him driving!!!

Betty said...

Oh! Those tags with the yoyos are great too!

Lori said...

i LOVE your tags, you did a great job on those yo yos!!! great colors too!!! your daughter is lovely!!!

Donna O'Brien said...

I am loving those tags!!! Very cool!
Donna O

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Your daughter is beautiful just like you! What a great first car for her! Your tags with the Yo-Yo's turned out wonderful! Great job for your first time sewing!!!!! Becky

Miss Rhea said...

Your daughter is lovely !! Those tags are pretty too, I like the colors you chose. Have a great day !!

mendytexas said...

Love your gorgeous tags and gorgeous daughter!! My son is turing 17 next month...been driving for a year already! Time flies...have fun!

Anonymous said...

Your tags are TOO cute!! I absolutely love 'em!!! And how cool about going to Scrapfest. What a great line up of celebs! :-)

Shelly @ thePINKbarn said...

Your tags are adorable! And my daughter just turned 15 so driver's ed is just around the corner.....nevermind, I don't want to talk about it! :-) I'M the one with grey hair! Thank goodness for haircolor ha ha.....

somepinkflowers said...

about the jeep...

i have the same white one
and i want you to know
it is **very safe**
gets reasonable gas mileage,
when i drive it:

i ALWAYS find my way back home--
in one piece--
to my mother's house!!!


make you feel better?

Bristol said...

We have an 18, 16 and 3 year old.
Our driveway looks like a used car lot. Happy driving!!!

Anonymous said...

I will have to send you a picture of MY gray hair. OMG who knew? Is this what happened to mom? HELP!