Sunday, August 19, 2007

Giveaway & Paper dresses!

T- minus and counting.
8 hours girls till


scroll down leave comment under
The big 25.

Winner picked tonight 8 pm
Good Luck.

Here's a back shot
of the dresses i made for Heathers "Paper
dress swap. "

Dress #1 Dress #2

Dress #3

Dress #4

Dress #5

Well girls!

There they are

so cute! I don't want to

part with them.

O'Well, they will go to a good home!

Good Luck!

to all who played giveaway!
Have a great Sunday!



Heartinmyhand said...

Hi, I fairly new to the blog world. I just found your site. I have to say those are the cutiest dresses I have seen. I love the puffy sleeves

Miss Rhea said...

Those are adorable !! She will love them !!

Heidi said...

Your dresses for the garland at Speckled-Egg are adorable! I was so lucky to get in on the fun! You sure are quick!

Nicole - Small Treasures said...

Your paper dresses are gorgeous. I also participate and maybe I'm the lucky one who receives one from you!

Betty said...

Those are adorable. I didn't sign up in time...oh well..on to the next swap!

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

OMG..... soooooooo cute!!!!!!! I will get the flickr group set up tomorrow! I've already seen some reallly cute dresses!

Boxwood Cottage said...

Gorgeous dresses Jessi and your are so quick, I haven't even started working on mine. Hugs Carol xox

mendytexas said...

Your dresses are adorable Jessi!! LOVE the sleeves...hugs, mendy

Lori said...

Jessi, those dresses are just adorable, each one has such great did a beautiful job :)

Junie Moon said...

What cute little dresses! I'm so glad I'm participating in this dress swap as it's so much fun already.

I discovered your blog as a result of the paper dress swap and am really enjoying what I'm seeing. I don't do a lot of paper crafting so I know I'll learn a lot from you.

Diane Duda said...

I love these! They make me want to draw little people to wear them!

Scrappy Moments said...

These dresses are adorable :)Great Blog, May I link You....?