Thursday, August 23, 2007

kitchen Swap

My swap buddy got her package!
Heres what i got her.

Vintage kithchen mixer (yellow) Hard to find. Veggie book.(she's vegatarian)

" Swans" cake flour vintage cake pan Good find!

3 holiday baking books! YUMMY!

Vintage Illinois collectors plate. Vintage post card of Michigan Ave.(she's from Illinois.)

Campbells tin serving platter.

Kellog's vintage corn flakes canister

Animal cracker canister. To cute. I loved this!

here's the top. (cute monkeys!) Of course i could'nt forget her "true" passion

Her Corgie dog.I found this cute card and magnet!(not vintage) but totally worth it.

Jenna also loves , fruit and veggie stickers.

My little ponies.

so i threw in a few little extras!

Hope she loves it.

It was a blast putting this package together.


Stay tuned in!

Tommorrow I will post "my" kitchen swaps I just received.

also, my super cute Halloween purchases from

a bit of pink heaven.

to die for.

Have a great Thursday!



Betty said...

Jessi, I love those tins you found her. How fun!

carlene federer said...

Wow, what great swap stuff you found, you're swap partner is a lucky girl!
Your blog is very fun, great eye candy!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Hi Jessi, thanks for visiting me! Love your swap stuff, that cake pan is just the coolest thing!!

Lori said...

well aren't you the best little swap partner? WOW! what a great bunch of goodies you got for your very lucky partner...LOVE the Campbells platter

Jenna Z said...

Thanks again for all my goodies! You take much better pictures than I do.

jen duncan said...

What a bunch of fun stuff! I did the vintage kitchen swap on Jenny Holiday's blog back in the spring and LOVED everything I got! I'll never forget that swap! :-)

blessings said...

Wow - looks like you're a gifted giver! =) The tins are too cute! And that darling apron you received.. oh, my! I just did a swap but I forgot to take pictures of everything I sent. I'm such a newbie at the swap thing! Blessings... Polly

kris hurst said...

I just found the same Barnum's animals tin at the antique mkt. Mine cost 2.50! It has the funniest money jumping rope lid!