Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Breast Cancer! SUCKS!!! But PINK ROCKS!

I Hate Cancer!!!!

I was 19 when my
adopted mom died.

My birth mom has breast
cancer , and is still recovering.
she just had
another biopsy today.
hopefully it's nothing!

My dear friend with 3 kids

had breast cancer a few years back .
she is now well.
really enjoys her life!

Cancer Sucks!

make sure you have
your mamograms!
They do save lives!
your never to young!

These are some of
my favorite
pink things!




Anonymous said...

Jessi, you're right, it does suck!! I'm with you on that!
xo natalea

Sweet Remembrance said...

Jessi...I so agree with you on cancer! I HATE it too...
But I do love all your PINKNESS!

Ronda Palazzari said...

It affects more people then it should! It does totally suck! I love all the pink things you have included!

Felicia said...

It does suck. I enjoyed your pink reminder.

Betty said...

Breast cancer does suck! I lost a very good friend to it last year. She would have loved all of your pink stuff though. I bet she would have worn those pink converses. I know I would.

Paula J Atkinson said...

Cancer does suck, it took both my mum & my step mum & Leukeamia is just as bad, it took my BIL. He was the subject of the minibook.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, that was my gallery. My main blog is Minibook Pixie

Unknown said...

Jessi you are so right CANCER SUCKS! And when I got it..thyroid cancer (still battling it) it sucked hard then too! Thanks for a wonderful post! And pink is my favorite color!

Anonymous said...

I remember when I had a clogged duct and I F R E A K E D because they wouldn't give me a mammogram because I was 6 months too young! And the receptionist didn't mention anything about an option, just oh we can't give you that. I got really mad at her for that but the radiologist came out and saved me! Yay! They gave me an ultra sound to verify that it was just a duct problem *WHEW*
Everything about cancer sucks.