Friday, October 12, 2007

Dreaming of a "sugared" Christmas!


Love this village!

Im ready for the




Those sugared houses are exceptional. I want an entire village of them.

Carole said...

I love this - could you move it to my house !!! My friend Patti introduced me to your blog - LOVE IT !!!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Ah, girl, now that is torture!
I want each and every thing in those pretty pictures!

Anonymous said...

Your sugary set is so pretty. I love it! You are so lucky to have this set! I like those plates too, I remember seeing them in a magazine, I remember studying them, they are so cute!

jen duncan said...

Jessi--fill me in, girl! Are these already out in your house? Are they pics of other people's things that you're dreaming about? Are they pics taken at your house LAST year? Ack! My mind is reeling, you must let me know!!

Junie Moon said...

Wow--I love all your Christmas treasures; they are beautiful!

Maija said...

I love those dessert plates from Rosanne, Inc. I just got the Rocco Noir dessert stand- it even comes perfectly packaged!

Monica said...

Oh my woman! Is it just a dream or do you have them out allready?
The colors are so YUMMY and dreamy!! Love them :)

Boxwood Cottage said...

Oh my I'm dreaming with you Jessi! I'm in love with the glittery houses, churches, santas and bottle brush trees. We don't have these things here in Germany, so now at least I can dream!

pinkroses said...

I love all the pastel glittery houses, and the bottle brush, so cute!