Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sparkly sneak peaks!

Ive been sparkly lately!

Started these a few days ago.

There not quite finished yet?

They need some final tweeking.

This is the PAPA house.

This is the MAMA house.

This is the BABY house.

They are in there

final stages. ready for my

Vintage Christmas room!

Taylor & Jessi

Mother & Daughter

I can't believe she's

going to be "16"

Life moves fast!

Smile and Enjoy it!



My Paper World said...

Oh my goodness! Your houses are just beautiful!

Peet said...

Wow, i love the houses..beautiful!!!

Monica said...

Oh my goodness woman they are beautiful!Love them all especially the teal one so YUMMY and fun

Natasha Burns said...

Aren't you two gorgeous! Jessi you must have been 6 years old when you gave birth or something!!!
Oh how i love your houses! I have some on their way to me to decorate and I think they will be the same ones as I know they are small medium and large, I can't wait!!! Love your colour choices. They'll go so nicely with your incredible collection I saw on flickr!

Unknown said...

Just too cute for words! Love them! And great photos of you and Taylor! Lovely!

Caleen said...

Just love the little vintage houses..
I would like to make some too.. Where
is the best place to find the house
paper mache form? I want to play with more glitter too... YOU DO NOT
WHAT IS YOUR SECRET.. I Love your blog and your energy and creativeness.. keep it up.. have fun
at silver belle....

Donna Layton said...

The houses are incredible! I've been wanting to renovate some of those old putz houses, but I'm not sure I'll have time. These houses make me want to get new ones to decorate! I can't imagine buying anything that's not 50 years old! You and your daughter are just beautiful. Sixteen?? How does it happen so fast??

Kimla Kay said...

Just adorable!! You did a wonderful job with your houses! Have you ever considered selling them?