Tuesday, October 2, 2007


OK girls im givin in!
ive been tagged by both
7 random things?
1. Im adopted. just met my birth mom 2 years ago.
im meeting my birth dad this weekend.
(a little nervous)
2.My kids think im crazy
cause i will just start singing
and dancing. at any given moment.
in the kitchen, the store etc...
3. I was a make up artist for 10 years
4. been married for almost 16 years.
5.My first pet ,( a cocker spaniel)
was named puddles. i was 2 and she had lots
of accidents? I guess? lol
6. I LOVE "The Young and the Restless!!!"
I have been watching since i was a little girl.
used to come home for lunch and catch it.
and really catch up in the summers.
7.I love Licorice.
(Red and Black)
old school , and new
nibs, twislers etc...
ok that is a little randomness
for today!!!


jen duncan said...

Wow Jessi! I hope you have a good experience meeting your dad this weekend--that's big stuff!

Unknown said...

Jessi! WOW! I would be a little nervous too...but your a beautiful person inside and out. And you have such a zest for life. You will be fine! Take lots of photos, ,live the moment and smile through it all! Good luck! (not that you will need any...:) )

Monica said...

Oh wow , I wish you luck and calm nerves.I can only imagine the emotins you must feel. Hope everything goes great!
So funny about Y&R I too am addict(since I was a wee little girl, wathcing with my gma and mother) and if you say you want Nick and Sharon back together we are so gonna fight..haha!! I love he and Phyllis together!
By the way I posted the details for the Deck the Halls Swap and have quite a few signed up already, hope you can play!

Lori said...

great list Jessi!
i hope your meeting with your birth dad goes well!

Lilli in Vancouver said...

Good Luck!!! I hope everything feels right :)

pinkroses said...

O.K., so can you show me how to put on eyeliner at Silver Bella? lol. I know you are nervous about meeting your dad for the first time, you seem SO sweet and genuine, I hope it goes just as you would like it to...
suzanne duda

Anonymous said...

I've been watching The Young and the Restless since I was a kid too. Love your Halloween villages ~ you did a super job of setting them up!

Donna Layton said...

Jessi....I can relate to your kids as my mother used to break out in song all the time. We had to be careful what we said for fear it would strike up a song!

Maija said...

Oh! Good luck meeting your biological father!! Are you nervous? How did it go?