Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Guilty Pleasures! This was so fun!

Ice cream!!!!

I love this series!!!
Im a swimsuit collector!

I LOVE to Bake!
I love coffee creamer!

Addicted to Tarts!
Yankee candles! Love Antique stores
small and big ones.

Probably my most guilty
pleasure. Im a magazine
horder! Everything from
Vouge to Country living and
every crafters magazine.
Major Perfume Collector
I have fragrances for every
season, and every mood.
LOVE Tiffany's
Make up collector!
I was a make up artist
for about 10 years.
I can't get enough.
I don't even use it all.
O well. a girl can't have to many

Crown jewelry collector! I Love this show! Worship Licorice!

German & Polish
glass ornaments!
Love to shop! My Fav show!! Favorite Color!
Candy!!!!I have loved Sanrio
since i was a little
I love Chococat!

we are going on our
4th over new years!

Love my Jazzercise!

My Favorite Soap!
been watching for over 30 years!

all kinds of crafty things!
My best friend
cooking & entertaining

Im a huge collector!
i love all my houses!
Both Halloween
and Christmas!
My little beagle
girl Skylar!
She rocks!
I thought this was really
fun! Sadly my list
could go on and on.
Tell me
What's your Guilty Pleasure?
Have a great day!!!


Junie Moon said...

That's quite a list, my friend, but lots of fun. My guilty pleasure is truly boring and tame in comparison but it is what gives me joy. I love hanging my bed linens on the clothesline to dry. Then I make the bed and pile up all my pillows. Next I get my shower and do all my little personal things, and snuggle in bed with a really good book. The fresh linen fragrance is such a comforting thing that I do this a couple of times a week. This is my bliss!

Maria said...

Jessi, I must say we share alot of the same guilty pleasures. I love love love yankee candles. And COach is a must. I got a new Carly bag for my Bday from my hubby. love your blog.

Monica said...

Fun fun stuff!
We share alot of the same guilty pleasures. Coach bags are the best and Oh did you say ice creamm I could eat it everyday!

pinkroses said...

Oh Jess, we have a lot in Common! Pink, lipstick, magazines...my NOT guilty pleasure is going to Jazzercise, cause my GUILTY pleasure would be cupcakes, or a Starbucks mocha frappuccino! Oh, and flea markets and thrift stores...can't pass one without stopping! See you in a few weeks!
Suzanne Duda

Anonymous said...

So many guilty pleasures,,,and so little time..pocketbooks, purses, totebags, clutches...you get the idea. Pink, and magazines (see my blog posting from today)..gold charms for my charm bracelet and necklace...decorating and redecorating...crafting and sewing...and cashmere sweaters! Oh and spending time in blogland. Thanks for the post...this was fun.Susan

Cheryl Connell said...

I just got through reading through your blog. I have seen your name everywhere - Kari's sweet and sinister swap which I also participated, Lilli's blog as she was your partner, Karla's blog about the things you love about your house and more....
I had to comment on this list! There are so many things the same as me - shopping, ice cream, CHOCOLATE!, scrapbooking, antique stores, magazines, silver,Desparate Housewives, Y&R, and baking!
Also, your daughter is freaky look a like to mine! I was sitting there with my mouth open with the post in Aug. Same hair, just different eye color. She is 16 in Jan.

Nice to meet ya!

Jana said...

Okay, we're long-lost separated twins or something.....it's SCARY how much we have in common! I had NO idea you were a Y&R fan too!! See you SOON!

Anonymous said...

I think we are twins or sisters from anotha mister. lol

Maija said...

Oh, Jessi! I loved reading about all your pleasures! What a wonderful way tolist them!