Tuesday, January 5, 2010

*** NEW***

Happy New Years Girls!

Everyone seems to like my Fab Finds posts.
New Feature this year!

Every Friday i will post healthy recipes and healthy choices and tips.

Let's feel better in 2010!

See ya Friday Girls!



Lori said...

see you then!!!

Unknown said...

LOVE this idea Jessi!!! I cant wait to check back Friday :) I am on a big health kick right now, so this is great :)
Love ya,

Kelly said...

Can't wait to get soemof your tips! You look too good to ignore!!!!

Ginger said...

Great idea, I think everyone is on a diet for their New Years Resolution and everyone wants to be healthy, I know I do. I can't wait to see your tips and recipes.
I have noticed instead of having a dessert (I love sugar) I can make a cup of flavored hot tea like chocolate mint and get my dessert that way. Tea is a real treat for me.


Pieceful Bits said...

Wahoo! Just in time to start my running schedule again! Cannot wait.

gina g said...

Does it involve Taco Bell or Dominos Pizza?

Joanna {sweet finds} said...

Sounds great! I'll be checking in. I could definitely use some healthy tips this year! :) hugs doll. Joanna

Anonymous said...

hey HSista.. think we can whip up a fat free goulash..?



Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

I can't wait for this!!

Victoria xx

Dianne said...

Thanks for telling me about the vitamins! I too start to take some new vitamins and within a week or so, my tummy is hurting. I'll try the gummy ones. I usually take Vitamin E a few times a week and Milk Thistle as I have funny liver enzyme readings (as do two of my three brothers that I know of anyway).
The popcorn and jello have been eaten here too-good! And your pancake recipe sounds interesting-never had any made out of oatmeal. May have to try them here. Do you have Trader Joe's out there? They have an awesome pumpkin pancake mix.