Thursday, January 14, 2010


Good day girls!

I usually love comments from all of you.

I just received a rather disturbing comment.

As if this person actually knows me. You only know what i share with you. This person doesn't know that I am a very generous person. That i would do anything for my friends and family! That I am pretty much the farthest thing from shallow.  That I donate my time, and money to several charities. So with that being said. I guess i just won't post anymore of my trips or art events, or swaps, gifts. etc...... Geesh, After all the Name of my blog is "Scrappy Jessi... Always on an Adventure!" 
Well for now i am deeply hurt by this persons perception of me. Maybe they are just so unhappy in there own life, that they feel it's ok to trash others? 
At least have the guts to post your name, and not be a coward and post anonymous!   
I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Pray that you will find some happiness in your own life.

Have a better day!



Kirsten Leigh said...

So sorry that you got a negative comment! Blogging does make us vulnerable because we are sharing aspects of lives and our thoughts. Hopefully such negativity is rare!

Anonymous said...

So sorry you received a "not so nice" comment. I love your blog and I find so much fun information & motivation. Keep up the good work. Good luck with the boot camp & keep us posted. :)

Shawn said...

That just sucks when someone has to be mean. Sorry they did that to you. I've gotten a few rude comments too. It's just probably someone being totally jealous of your fabulous life! Keep posting don't let them ruin your fun blog! Show them who's boss of this blogland :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessi - I have been reading your blog and shopping in your etsy for a few years now. Please, Please don't stop your lovely posts. There have been days when reading them has been the only bright spot in my day. I love your beautiful home pictures and all of your great vacation pics etc. Don't give them what they want! How dare they! Tracey

Valarie said...

don't let one ugly person ruin it for all of us. I personally love hearing about your adventures. Can you imagine what they had said if you only talked about the charity work tht you do?? Sometimes, we just can't win. LET IT GO they are not worth it.
We love you just the way you are.

Beki said...

Keep posting hunni, one negative comment from one gutless idiot who can't even leave their name is not worth worrying about.
Just think of all the lovely positive comments you get, that more than makes up for it.
I love your blog and think you're an amazing woman.
Love and ((hugs))
Beki xxx

Jenny said...

I had to go to comment moderate since I had some RAWTHER mean comments on my blog a while ago. So sorry for you and you BETTER NOT stop posting about stuff! I love getting "lost" in your world!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I am so sorry Jessi! You have so many friends out here in blogland that know what a wonderful and sweet person you are! Don't let one person get you down. Just blow it off and coninue to share with all of us who enjoy your adventures!
We love you very much, Lindsey and Twyla

Sandi said...

Pooh Pooh on that ugly person.

We do not live the way others would like us to live. But if we did, we would have nothing to gossip about. How boring it would be.

I envy you your full life. Live it to the fullest.


Lori said...

sweetie, do NOT let that get you happened to me too...and others i am is born of jealousy and unhappiness...and is in no WAY a reflection on you or your life...i know that you are a sweet and genuine person...don't change because of this person!!! we all love you JUST the way you are!!!

Kimberly said...

Why people feel the need to share the negative thoughts they have is beyond me...its just bad manners!

Jealousy is surely the motive as you are such a happy, bubbly girl which is sure to drive the discontent people out there crazy.

You be you! Keep on posting! Shoot yeah, I'm jealous of the fabulous fun you have, but it gets me inspired to get out there and have my own fun! :D


Melissa Stinson said...

Jessi- I've been reading your blog for a while now and love it! Please don't let one negative comment get you down- there are tons of us out here in blogland with only nice things to say about you. :)

bluemuf said...

Sweet Jessi, some people are just down right mean. Please do not stop sharing your adventures with all of us. I always look forward to reading what you are up to. And besides, this is your blog and you can post all the happy things that you are doing any time you want.

Hugs Karen

Unknown said...

Jessi, I have had this exact same thing happen to me! I dont understand why people feel the need to be this way. If this is how they feel, why do they even visit our blogs? It makes me so mad that these people actually make us question OUR own blogs!! I mean, after all, it is YOUR blog and you can write about anything you want. I for one adore you. You live life to its fullest, you enjoy life. Your love for family and friends just SHINES through in all of your posts! This person is extremely jealous and unhappy. You are a true doll Jessi and I sincerely hope you keep your posts just as they are!
Love ya sweetie,

Analise said...

hey sweet jessi~ i know you, i've met you and had some great times with you. you are one of the most generous, giving and thoughtful people i've met. you are sensitive to the needs of others around you, and go out of your way to make other people feel happy and cared for. whoever left a lame comment like that clearly has no idea who you are.

big hugs my friend.

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Dear Sweet Jeesi please don't waste any more of your time or energy fretting over some stupid remark!
You are who you are...its your blog to write whatever you want and we all adore you!
You are a treat to come and spend time with if they don't agree or like you thats their problem!
"""Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me!"""

We all luv you....majority wins! :-)


Miss Rhea said...

That is awful !! Keep being YOU Sweet girl. I LOVE your posts, ALL of them. I never am able to travel, so I live vicariously through my Bloggy friends. Keep Posting your Life !! :) You are a Happy Light ! :) There are some really unhappy, sick people out there. Hugs and xoxo's Sweetie :)

LiLi M. said...

Hey Jessi,
Just ignore such a jealous %$##%#$!!! (you know English isn't my native language and so I cannot come up with a word that is ugly enough!)
I always enjoy your adventures and so do all the girls that are commenting! Don't let such a negative comment influence you, please. It really isn't worth it, but it is good to write it out of your system, proud of you girl! Keep on amusing us, just the way you are!

Simply Me Art said...

That Stinks! Unfortunately there are some mean spirited people who have Nothing better to do. They get Great Joy out of saying Mean and Nasty things to others. I moderate my comments now due to some rather strange comments for a while. Don't let this get you in a mood, Im sure they are not even worth the thought. xo Jamie


Some people just have too much time on their hands. You can't stop entertaining us. I can most definitely vouch for your exceptional generosity. You have to just not let her spoil all of our fun. "Our" as in all of us that are entertained and inspired by you!

Zinnia's on Melrose said...

Miss Jessi, at last I checked this was YOUR blog, and not anonymous's blog! Anonymous can just go get their own blog and talk about her own life. I love what you share here, and don't stop becuase of an idiot! There is a quote that I love and I think it serves this purpose well:
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" Elanor Roosevelt.
Don't let this unhappy person rent space in your head or blog. The rest of us think you are amazingly generous and just all around sweet!
Have a better day, Big Hugs,

Ginger said...

Jessi, I think there are just people that get their kicks making someone unhappy like they are. You are probably not the only one they did that to. Just ignore it and be the precious, lovely lady you are and keep your posts coming just like you have. I look forward to reading your posts so much, you are in my favorites.


Pieceful Bits said...

Sweet Jessi~ Please do not change! Amy is is your blog and you may do what you want with it. If somebody doesn't like it they don't need to visit or comment. That is their choice. I found this comment just the other day and it fits perfectly:

"You can't be envious and happy at the same time” Frank Tyger
Hugs Sweetie

pakosta said...

You should never have to defend yourself! EVER EVER EVER! this is YOUR BLOG! don't even think twice about it! YOu can write whatever you want! they must be jealous!

Cristine's Story said...

You are absolutely right that this anonymous person is extremely unhappy in their own life that she can't be happy for YOU or stop and think for a minute that she does not know you at all. If she did an unkind word would not be spoken. You light up a room just like you lit up Mystic Paper when you walked in. I took one look at you and knew "Scrappy Jessi" had just walked in. Same beautiful smile that you have in your pictures!
It's unmistakable.

Monica said...

Wow Jessi so sorry to hear that!
I love coming to your blog and seeing all your ADVENTURES!
Take it with a grain of salt hon ...they shouldn't be here reading if they don't like what they see . Some peoples kids I tell ya lol ..They should take a mothers advice , if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all!!!
Love you girl and dont let this petty person bother you have tons of wonderful friends and bloggers who come to read and we want you to stay!

natalie hansen said...

Your friends know your heart, Jessi! Apparently their Momma didn't teach them that "if they can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!" said...

Green Eyed Monster is a nasty trait to have!

Don't take it to heart Jessi, to anyone that reads your blog regularly it is glaringly obvious that you are and your husband are incredibly kind and generous people!

Keep blogging, I and so many others love reading about your adventures, your creations and your life!

Your blog is always upbeat, positive and inspirational!

Go away Nasty Person and find your own life!

Rachaelxo said...

p.s. and whats more to not even put a name to such nastiest is so cowardly, another negative personality trait!


Maija said...

I love you Jessi!

Maija said...

I love you Jessi!

NicNacManiac said...

One of the main reasons for me when I started blogging was YOU!! You are an inspiration and you warm my heart with each visit and all of your truly sweet comments!
Keep livin life sweetie and if you want to share it with us...lucky go girl!! Bootcamp..way to go...kick some major butt (get it...butt...haha)
Big Hugs xOxO, Nerina

Anonymous said...

*sorry sweetheart* *99.9% of us love you to pieces!!!* your adventures are what make you, you!~they are lovely and fun!~Smiles and Hugs and Prayers and Cupcake Kisses!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
xxxooo diana

vivian said...

Thats too bad Jessi. there are a lot of unhappy miserable people out there and they just love to spread their misery around. I wouldnt give the person a second thought. Its too bad we are unable to block some people from our blogs.. There is one person I would like to block from mine too. (someone I know in person... ) oh well. though it would be nice if everyone did, we know that not everyone gets us. Youre right too that they are probably jealous. Dont you dare stop posting the things you love to write about. We love reading about your fun times and seeing your pictures.. keep doing what youve been doing.. say a prayer for the nasty person.. and then forget about her!
Hugs to you! Youre fine the way you are!

m i c h e l l e said...

Oh Scrappy Jessi PLEASE don't stop sharing your adventures with us! I LOVE it and look forward to seeing what you're up to! And judging by all the comments, your other friends love it too! I am very lucky enough to know you, Jessi and I know you to be one of the most generous souls I know.

Please keep ENJOYING your gorgeous blessed life and family. We adore you and love you!


Cindy Is Crafty said...

Live your life in spite of the chuckleheads that try to tear you down!

Saucy said...

Dear Anonymous Blog Flamer,

Stay off our girl Jessi's blog. Anonymous comments are not cool. If you have something to say, own it. Jessi has a good heart and lots of friends to support her... how about you?


PS. Come on over and flame on my blog... it would be a pleasure!!

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

I'm sorry that you had a "bad egg" visit your lovely Blog. I had SomeBunny leave me a negative critical comment ~ so I know how incredibly hurtful it is. They said that my Blog lacked content ~ which is TRUE and I don't claim Blog is completely fluff ~ Bunny Fluff. I told them if they want content to read the Wall Street Journal.

You're truly one in a million ~ please don't stop blogging or sharing your charmed life with us. LOVE reading about each and every one of your Adventures. Also loved seeing all of your Christmas decorations ~ everything looked so gorgeous!!

I have been the recipient of your kindness and generosity ~ so they don't have a clue about what a priceless "Doll" you really are.

Please keep those Blog posts coming ~

Bunny Hugs!!!!


JemJam said...

Why on Earth would you let one stupid person dictate YOUR blog?? There are many more of us that love it, so, why let minority rule?

Come on, Jessi!

lonnie jenck said...

Love ya Jessi...don't let mean people get you down. They only do those things when they're unhappy with themselves!

ps Can't wait to see you at Kim's event! ;)

Susan Shintaku said...

Ah Jessi I'm sorry you had to deal with that. Sadly there are just mean people out there but do your best to ignore them. You know what's in your heart and its a good one! Your friends love you and we are here to give you support.
See you in March!!! :-)


Carole said...

Your blog is one of my favorites. I love that you share your trips, crafts & favorite things. I can tell from your blog that you are a very friendly and caring person. I'm so sorry you got a negative comment. Please don't let that person affect you and your blog.
I love the favorite things you share. I have tried many of the products you recommend and love them.
Please keep your blog going the way you always have and brush off the comments that were made.
You are AWESOME! Sending big hugs your way!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ya,

sorry to hear that, it must be awful! Never had anything mean, but recently started getting wierd spam comments, all with tonnes of links in to god knows what - I'm too scared to click on them in case they are a virus or something. They are all in chinese so I don't know what they say, apart from a few random words like "sex" in english... I have reported the person concerned to blogger, although I guess if yours is anonymous then you can't do that... Maybe it's time we all started using the option to monitor comments before publishing them :-(

Rose X

Anonymous said...

Like Donny said "One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch girl",
And in the spirt of fun, There is no cure for stupid. It would seam to me that this is someone that might not understand that the Lord blesses some in ways that he does not bless others. I may not get to do some of the cool things you get to do but so what. It's clear to see you spread the Love. Thank you Jessi for that. Stay fun and keep praying for these people."Love covers a multitude of sins"Pe.4:8Love Judi

Kristie said...

I'm not sure why this person would post such horrible things about you and your blog. It is sad that they felt that they needed to share their feelings about you when all they have to do is simply not go to your blog. I feel you did the right thing by posting about it but by no means would I let this person bring you down. Continue what your doing because it brings joy to all of us who love you so very much. I personally feel that you are blessed and get to do many,many wonderful things but I to am blessed for finding your blog and being able to feel like I'm experiencing it right along with you. Thank you for shareing it and please I beg don't let anyone take what you love to do away from you or from us! Its really a simple concept don't like it, don't read it! WE LOVE YOU JESSI!

Cindy Dean said...

Don't let the naysayers win!!

Anonymous said...

hey chickadee! Dont let someone put you down like that! I have had some of those comments as well...tragic how ppl think sometimes. makes me mad that they spread there anger and make you feel sad. :(
just brush it off and dont worry about it you know you have a BUNCH of gals out here who love to read all about your adventures wishing we were there with you! Keep you head up, your camara snapping and your hands to the keyboard! BIG BIG BIG HUGS!!


Angie said...

Please keep posting your fabulous trip and fun pics. I'm inspired by your stylish life and I know you have your problems like everyone else, but I enjoy reading about the cool things you do. Don't let a hater get you down, they don't need to be reading if makes them so upset (and it IS jealousy behind it). Love and hugs~Angie

Sugar Bear said...

Don't let the Negative Nellie bring you down my friend!

carylsrealm said...

Please don't let them hurt you! You know the world is full of kind and loving people. The people that dwell on hurting will get what is coming to them in the end... Big squeezes to you!

Grace said...

I love your Adventures and love U! There is so much stress going on in my life right now and I love all these blogs especially yours. You dont let anyone put out your fire and spunk! Hugs and squishes Grace xoxoxoxox

SweetAnnee said...

I suppose you took the comment off..
I just wondered what "they" said..some kind
of jealousy there have always been a dear..and I love your creations

kecia deveney said...

anonymous is just jealous and stupid. ANYONE AND EVERYONE knows that what we post on our blogs is only a fraction of what goes on in our daily lives. do you really want to read a blog post about how i donated some money to the red cross or that i donated my time in the local soup kitchen? probably not. in my opinion that looks like me trying to receive kudos for stuff like that. jessi this is your blog and do not ever not post what you want. you are doing yourself and your readers a disservice by caving into their nastiness. now let's get back to business, shall we?

Debbie Doughty said...

I think your sweet and generous spirit shines through in all your posts! Anonymous must be blind, and a coward. I'd just delete her!

Jessica @ Sunny Tuesday said...

Who cares what some stranger thinks about you? I know that is so much easier to say than to put in effect.

Plus, you got your first troll, which means:

Congratulations, you've made it big time! :)

For the record, I think you're awesome. And I don't know you at all. But I do LOVE your blog and since you made it, you must be awesome.

Unknown said...

Who cares about that doo-doo head!! You are a ray of sunshine in SO many lives - definitely mine included! I am so often inspired by the things you post here in your blog. Please don't let one idiot ruin it for you and the rest of us.
WE LOVE YOU and WE know your kind and loving heart!!
Julie xoxo

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Hey Jessi, I am so sorry you recieved such a nasty comment. You are so well loved... don't let it get you down!! Xoxo Heather

Posh Girl Couture said...

Awww Sweet Jessi WE ALL LOVE YOU!
girly you are not going to stop doing what you are great at.
Your advice, tips & wonderful inspiration is so much needed right now.
** Actually, I was to come back here & check on that hair color/Shine recommendation I came across for my daughter.She is doing her hair for a party tonight & I rememeberd you recommended something.

YOU inspire me. make me laugh, touch me, motivate me & take me places I can't go to( day I'm meeting YOU ALL!)
IF YOU & those like you were not here to show us things, who would?
The World is becomming a better place because of people like you.
Not everyone can afford to do things, or have a busy family like me & can't get to places & things, or some are just affraid to come out of their shell, So comming to Your blog & those like you ~ give others so much more than Those NEGATIVE people whom are lashing out on you & others because they are missing something. (I too will pray for them. it must stink to be like that, sorry)
Anyways, I am a people pleaser & I get hurt when others say cruel things about me & NO ONE knows me to say anything.
So I understand & I too am going through some nasty comments that hurt & try to bring me down.
(I know not everyone can afford things, go places, buy certain products, but there are those that can & WANT to know. & for those whom can't... be inspired. know it can happen, you can do things & anything is possible.

NEVER make excuse for your success, wealth, or travels etc..) Be proud of what YOU can do & are able to do it. Set an example. ~ YOU are doing it.(can you imagine if we all downplayed our wealth, success etc... how sad. How would people learn, grow & be motivated??)

DON'T let Anyone bring you down!


USE that negative vibe & fuel your creativity & energy.

just keep going full speed ahead. TOO MANY are counting on you girlfriend.
I Love You girl & thats from someone whom never met you in person! see what leaving nice comments can do ~ bring people together.
Joelle XOXO

Posh Girl Couture said...

oooh GEEZE Anonymous (WHY are you anonymous anyways???)
so many people can't buy groceries or pay their bills & many have no homes.
This is a blog. This is NOT her personal life, behind the scenes. She probably gives more than most. & with her positive bloggin she may make more money to be able to do more.
Anyone not being able to buy food, I doubt is surfing blogs right now then. GET RID OF CABLE & COMPUTER & BUY DAM FOOD! get priorities straight!

& I am saying that with the most sincere meaning ever!!!
I could be one of those not having enough money to buy food & if that day comes you better believe I will not have cable & computer!

I have had alot & had less, drive expensive cars bla bla bla, however being a mom to 5 girls & stay at home mom for over 19 yrs.
Things could come to a hault really soon & it is very very scary. I am Now 40, older, with 5 daughters & to think to start all over again is scary. I could be alone for the rest of my life & where do I start? Hate me or whatever, My girls matter not negative people in this world.
They are out there in every town.

It is a long story however, I have seen it all & have wealthy friends & poor friends. I treat them all the same & they will tell you that.
I am saying this because I can. Im dealing with it all too. & I think about it everyday.(not having enough & not having my computer!)
I pray it will never happen but this is life.
So Jessi.... blog away.

Unknown said...

There's always a rotten apple in every bunch; spoiling it for everyone! Don't change because of this person who has no life! Do what I did and set your blog so that the only people that can comment HAVE to be registered! I did that after I got some wise ass remarks. Hang in there love!

Sandy xoxox

Patrice said...

Hi Jessi, I too have loved reading your blog. Your posts are wonderful and bring much joy to me. I love all you adventures and learn a lot from your posts. Hold your head high and know you make a lot of readers happy. Forget the envious jelous chicken that can't even leave a name! Be gone with the negitive people in your life! Keep up with your fabulous blog and pictures of all your trips. I love seeing them!

suzi finer said...

some people are such bitches! so sorry...those are the type that die old and alone.
love to you...don't ever change!
: )

sashagirl said...

Hi Sweet Jessi, I can just imagine how a mean and hurtful comment did hurt your feelings, because I can tell from following your blog and your flickr that you ARE a loving, caring, compassionate and sharing person!!! Wow, how can a person judge someone by their blog, after all, you are not sharing every single aspect of your life here, that mean spirited person knows only what you choose to share, which is only a small, happy and upbeat part of your life! That person absolutely IS jealous and very unhappy in her own life to feel the need to say something mean that she HAD to know would be hurtful! Apparently her Mother didn't teach her some valuable life lessons...If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!!! You KNOW who you are and WHAT you do, DO NOT let an anonymous, jealous coward change YOU!!!! Maybe that person would feel better about herself if she got out and helped someone instead of trying to bring someone down! Consider the source sweetie!!!! And don't you change a thing about the lovely lady you ARE!!!!
Milli Wagoner (sashagirl on flickr)

luckygirlgifts said...

Oh sweetie, don't take it personal. "Anonymous" probably just had a really bad day and took it out on you.
It's not right but, when I worked at a Hotel they told us that we always had to let grumpy guests arriving just roll off our backs. We didn't know what they had been through that day just to get where they were. It isn't nice to say mean things, but truly we should all feel SORRY for "anonymous". What a sad person who can't be happy for other peoples blessings.
All that matters is what your tons and tons of friends and family think, and what YOU know to be true.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Cari B.

Jennifer Hayslip said...

Hey Sis,
Im sooo sorry someone is being so ugly and rude towards you and your blog. I have a few ugly comments on my blog in the past and I just DELETE and block them! This person needs to get a LIFE! We LOVE your happy spirited upbeat blog and YOU are the QUEEN of adventures and sharing that with us! Dont waste an once of time or energy on this person. We love you girl!!!! XOXO,Jenn said...

You have a whole Blog-a-rita-ville of pals who know you are adorable and good hearted. Don't let one loser get you down. The rest of us love you to pieces.


Anonymous said...

there is a person that always leaves me a negative comment as well, so keep mine on approval, i think i know who it is though!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Miss Jessi~ They're called "TROLLS" for a reason. They slither out from beneath they're slimy rocks to wreak havoc on the innocent.
I agree these are sad souls who don't have the pleasure of the smallest joys. Because you have to give joy to receive joy.

You bring more to your friends than you'll ever know. I'm in an unfortunate health position in my life that doesn't allow me much travel play time. It's wonderful to have my "Calgon Take Me Away" moments fulfilled by a tour of your adventures. Whether it be Silver Bella or a trip to Vegas.
I appreciate you sharing your creative passions...leaving us inspired. You have indulged us in several opportunities of enjoyment with your, whimsical, creative, informative, posts. I for one (out of many) appreciate your efforts in doing so and look forward to many more visits!

Sweet wishes,

Imagery by Kimberly said...


pinkroses said...

Jessi...those of us who are fortunate enough to know you in "real life" know that you have a heart of gold, and you are one of the most positive and generous gals around. Sorry someone hurt your feelings. You have been blessed in many ways, and someone felt jealous. Too bad for them. Never change my make the world a better place!
xo suzanne