Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Healthy Friday

Happy Friday Girls!

Let's just jump in, i have so much to share with you.

"Temptation Taco Salad"

This is everything you will need.
If you don't like Boca crumbles you can use white chicken chunks. They sell them pre-packaged in a yummy southwest flavor.

1 smart & delicious Tortilla
1 cup soy crumbles
 1 tbls taco seasoning
2 tbls fat free sour cream
low fat shredded cheese
pam spray

Preheat oven 425* degrees
1. Spray a small size glass bowl with pam

2. place tortilla in and fold along the sides to form a bowl

when oven is ready 
bake for 10-12 minutes.
(i do 12, i like it crispy)

meanwhile scramble soy crumbles

chop up lettuce and tomatoes

when bowls are done take out and let cool for about 5 minutes

 Add lettuce,tomatoes,cheese,soy or chicken.
top with:
 2 tbls FF sour cream
salsa and olives and a little more cheese.

The facts:
345 calories
40g protein
37g carbs
8.5g fat

Portion Sizes.
we all know that in America the portion sizes are way out of control. Jumbo this and super size that.
Lets get a handle on that.
these are a few rules i follow.

Protein = size of palm
Carbs = size of fist
1 oz cheese = size of a domino
fruits =size of palm

if you eat smaller meals more frequent through out the day you will rev up your metabolism, and you won't be hungry

I eat 6 times a day
about every 2 to 3 hours.
A protein and a carb
plenty of veggies.

Drink lots of water!

~Treats of the week~

Greek yogurt
the best!

25 calories

Love love love this.
pre portioned servings

I LOVE these crackers.
you can have 19
for 120 calories.

TURKEY peppeoni.
you can have 17 pieces for
70 calories.
cha ching.

one of my favorite mid day snacks

all 3 of these together.
i make little snack bites.
so good!

1. Try something differant.
take a spinning class,
take a yoga class.
try kickboxing.
Heck even salsa lessons.

Just get out there and have fun. 
life is to short.
Get Going.

What fitness magazines do you read?

cooking light
womans fitness
i also go to all of there websites.
whole foods .com
They all have websites.
of tips, and recipes.
Plus workouts, and lots of your questions answered.
go check some of them out.

"Blissful Brownies"
all you need is:
1 box devils food cake mix
1(15oz) canned pumpkin.

pre heat oven 400*
mix the 2 together.
this is it.
it will be thick. 
don't worry! don't add water!
spray cake pan.
spread thick batter.

bake 20 minutes.
makes 12 brownies
180 calories
2g fiber
3g fat
32g carbs.

be creative try different cake flavors.
Super rich and yummy!

Hope everyone has a super fantastic weekend!

If you have a question for me please email me.
I will answer questions and post some of them here next week.



Sandi said...

You are right on the mark for the things I need to read about. Inspiration, recipes, tips, etc.

Working on the old Sandi to get a better one.


Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

Great tips Jessi!

Have a fabulous weekend

Victoria xx

Lori said...

those taco bowls look SO yummy!!!

Sherry Williams said...

The taco salad looks so yummy! Thanks for all the tips, Jessi! I missed out on the anonymous negative comments...sounds like someone needs to work on who she is instead of judging you & your life..maybe she's just jealous. Just pray for her.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Yummy! I'm trying hard to get healthy and my hubby (who can eat anything!) bought chocolate frosted donuts and they are sitting on my counter! I was a good girl and didn't dive into them. Thanks for the great tips!

Unknown said...

Ohh Jessi! This is wonderful. Mexican food is my very favorite! I will be trying these for sure, yummy!! I love turkey pepperoni and eat is often, it tasted better than the real thing to me! Those brownies sound soooo good!!! I think I need to call hubby and have him stop at the store on the way home :) Your tips are wonderful!! Portions are so out of control, especially at restaurants!!
Big Hugs,

NicNacManiac said...

Fabulous all these recipes..gotta give them a try! All of your snacks, Tip and Inspiration really made me smile and I almost got off the couch...thanks! I love Women's Fitness, Men's Health, Shape, Fitness, Yoga Journal, Cooking LIght and just so many more...I'd probably run out of space here!
Enjoy your weekend...keep smilin:)
xOxO Nerina

Anonymous said...

*thank you for sharing how to 'bake the tortilla shell' in the oven! i think i have the very same blue glass bowls!* hee hee and ♥ Greek yogurt and Swiss Miss! Lovely, diana

Unknown said...

Hi Jessi,

I am so happy you came over to my blog, I love yours and just joined WW online on Monday. Try the small pizza's, 4 mini ones. They are delish. I love the online version so much better than meetings! I am adding you to my blogger follower list right now. Happy Loves Rosie...she's great.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

Diane Mars said...

Wow that is a lot of information, thank you for sharing your knowledge. It is so fun to eat right and maybe shed a few pounds, I like that idea. oxox, Diane

kana said...

Your recipe looks good. Hope you are doing well! And yes, I need to drink more water.

Maija said...

Thanks for the tips!!! I love to microwave those little turkey pepperoni for about 10 seconds and they are like little chips!!