Wednesday, July 9, 2008

cruise finally!

aaahhh sunshine!

i love the early mornings!!

ok dolls the cruise finally!
Cabo san Lucas, and final days on cruise.

My first Oscar!

"There's no place like home."

and so that ends our vacation.

Homeward bound!!

It was so great to see everyone, and spend time with our grandma!




Anonymous said...

Jessi, looks like you guys had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing all your great photos! Love that ring!!

KE said...

Looks like an amzing trip!!!


KE said...

Looks like an amazing trip!!!


Sugar Bear said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time. You look so tan and relaxed!

Maija said...

Oh my! I'll bet your daughter went NUTS in Japan LA!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pics, it
looked like a great time.

I like your "bling" present, very

You have a beautiful family. Your
daughter has great fashion style.

Best Wishes,

Miss Rhea said...

Oh Yay !! What fun !!! Gosh that really looks like Johnny Depp. :) Your daughter is a knockout. Glad you had such a nice time !! Love your new bit of Bling too. :)

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

More fab pix hun!

I'll have to look up Japan LA when I visit in October!

Victoria xxx

Merci-Notes said...

thank you for sharing your vacation...AND CONGRATULATIONS on 17 years of togetherness!!!= Marriage!
With Kindness,

Unknown said...

I LOVED this post!! I am a Hello Kitty and My Melody FREAK, lol! Hey, I may have to special order a tile of that theme hmmmm :) Just kidding!

Your are so cute!! My boys would have freaked over the Pirated of the Carribean guys! It looks like you had so much fun!


Unknown said...

OH and I forgot to say, what a FABULOUS ring!! Your hubby is awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Hey!! Love the pics your family looks like they had some great times!! you look like a natural rockstar hehe.. My shoppe is having a Christmas In July sale! everything is marked way down $5 and below gotta get rid of the old stuff to make room for my favorite holiday Halloween!! YIKES i am so excited about this fall!! can ya help spread the word about my sale! hugs


Lola Enchanted said...

Looks like your having a blast!!!!
What fun!

Lori said...

what a great vacation!!! i love all of your pictures, you have a beautiful family!!!

Cindy said...

Looks like it was loads of fun! And LOVE the gorgeous is that?


RedBessBonney said...

looks like you had a fabulous time!

Folksie Linda said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time on your looked wonderful and happy..thanks for sharing all the great pictures..enjoyed seeing them all! Congratulations on your have a wonderful prince..princess!

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Looks like a fabulous trip! And that ring!?!?!? You're a very lucky girl!

LiLi M. said...

Love your new banner! What a trip!! What a family and what a darling husband who takes with him such a bling surprise...I'll show this post to my hubby :-D.

Lilli in Vancouver said...

You look so cute with a ukulele! What a fun trip.

Yes, I so wish I were going to Silver Bella! It's the plane fare that kills ya, coming from up north.

I'll be eagerly looking at everyone's pix when y'all get back :)

Joy Jones said...

Hi Jessi! Looks like you had a great vacation....and I saw JEWELRY was involved!!! Great pictures! :) ~ xo ~ Joy

LisaLaughs said...

Fabuloso!! Looks like a dream vacation, and I can't believe you're already back home in full swing!! Seems like we just drooling over your new frocks!! :o)

I've been admiring all your Etsy items. Congrats on all your beautiful creations and on all your sales!! You are an amazing chica!!! :o) (And my idol!!!)

Anonymous said...

gosh, you make l.a. look so interesting!
: )

bunzi said...

hehe that's my hood. well not exactly but i have been to mel's diner. :D

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I know you've already won the Arte Y Pico award before but we thought you deserved it again!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome trip, I have had many a night at the Cabo Wabo. Fun place, I fell of the stage there dancing but whow..that's another story. You and your daughter are just gorgeous. Such fun. Love the Japan store too. Your ring is so pretty.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I can tell you had a really special and fun time...mary

Alison Gibbs said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time