Monday, July 7, 2008

More cruise love

Happy Monday!!

I hope everyone had a fab 4th!

I am having such a blast with my ETSY store.
lot's of custom orders.

Here are a few of the ones i did this weekend.

These were made for Sandy and her 2 daughters.
on with the cruise photos

Fabulous day in Mazatlan!

sun, sea, silver, and some yummy drinks.

Back on the cruise we had dinner at the private supper club.

we celebrated our 17th anniversary with our cousin Dawn and her husband Eric. It was the most incredible food.

great way to end a perfect day!

see ya all soon!




Maija said...

Are those parachute Barbies????

Where can I go to sign up for the Halloween ATC swap?

Unknown said...

You are talented girl! I LOVE my tiles and my girls are so excited about putting theirs on display in their rooms! Thanks!


Kim Kwan said...

What an AWESOME way to celebrate yoru darling grandma!! How fun for her to have the whole family there to party with her...looks liek we should get our grandmas together...they woudl be the sweetest, margarita swillin' old girls EVAH!!!!


Jennifer Hayslip said...

Hey girlie!
Loooving the photos. Was the frog Senor Frogs? Boy do I have drunkin memories there. hee!hee!
Im grinning EAR TO EAR over your super whimsical creations. I ADORE!!!!!!!!! XOXO, Lil Sis

Jennifer said...

wow, you must have so much fun!! i can't wait to go on a cruise someday. which cruise line did you use? your tiles are great. one of these days soon i'm going to have to have you make me one. i can picture it now... :)


Anonymous said...

Hello Jessi,

I met you at Kim's Artistic Affaire!! I just luv your blog and I left a lil somethin for you over at my blog...............

Anonymous said...

Your custom tile works are fantastic, each one is the "same" but so incredibly different.. Really really lovely. Congratulations!!
Your cruise pics show everyone looking like they are very happy and having a great time!
Have a great week. I cant wait to see more of your creations

Unknown said...

wow!!! The fun things you have made !!! Sweet!!! Cheery!!! & Fun!!!! Thanks for popping in to my blog. I got you signed up for my give away!!! A couple of your friends, Kelly & Joy signed up for the apron swap, did you want to sign up for this one too!!! That would be fun if ya did. Let me pressure. Have a happy week, just think about it. See ya later, Mica

Oh happy 17th Anniversary!!!

Unknown said...

You look like you are having so much fun!!!! You and your husband make the cutest couple and you both look so happy together :) Happy Anniversary!

LOVE the tiles!!! I keep seeing more that I want, lolol!!