Monday, July 21, 2008

Bag Lady!

Happy Monday all!!

What a busy weekend.
crafting, cleaning, boating.

Lot's of Fun!!
My Necklace and vintage papers came from

They are amazing!
Thanks doll!!

Been busy working on stuff for the ETSY shop.

I have been making tons of paper bag books!

a little of everything.

all of these, and many more things will be listed this week.

I took part in an ATC jam.
i was the 3rd and last one.
Heres the before....

Angie Miller did the base card.

Lori Karla did the little girls.

then i added....

the crowns w/ birds on them, and the wands.
added lots of MS glitter. also smugged the flowers with walnut inks.

They are really cute in person.


I'm hosting 2 swaps when i got to LA in October.

A "Cigar box swap."

and a "House garland swap."

Heres a sneak peak at the BACK of my houses.

I can't show the fronts yet.

we all read each otheres blogs. tee hee.

don't want to ruin it.

They are going to be so sweet when they are done.

There are 4 groups of 5 & 6. The houses are to be done in "French Country" style!!

So charming!!

well my loves im off to create some more stuff.

Stop by my ETSY this week!

Also Remember on Friday July 25th.

Christmas in July starts.

You don't want to miss out on this!

Tons of girls are taking part in this.

Have a fabulous week!




Mippie said...

Hey you!!! Jessi, you've been a busy little elf and I love what you've made! I can't wait for Christmas! In July that is! xo-Mel

Lori said...

well, i was here once and my 'puter froze...let's try this again:) i love your goodies from Jen, they are gorgeous!!! i want to see what is going on in those little pink boxes:) great finishing touches on the ATCs, i will be watching my mail!!! you are really busting out the moves on your christmas in july!!! you go girl, everything looks great!!!

Heidi said...

Jessi! Are you back on your OWN computer? You must be...the pics are all upright!!!! Nice scrapbooks, so full of holiday and seasonal charm! Cool beans!!!

Pam Mattick Art and Stuff said...

Love the little girl cards. How sweet.

Unknown said...

Hi Jessi! I love your tag books!! The Autumn ones are really pretty! And I see some cute things on your studio desk in pink too :) LOVE the little hoses and the cards are adorable!! Your added touches are perfect!

I am going on an antiquing trip the beginning of August but when I get back, I am going shopping at your place!! I want to do a cupcake swap in September too. So many plans, so little time, lol!


vivian said...

as always.. you seem to be a whirlwind of activity! all your creations are wonderful! I'm thinking that the cigar box swap would be fun! I'll be looking forward to that!
have a sweet week!

Simply Me Art said...

Hey Girl! Busy as Usual! Love the houses... Were your ears burning Saturday? So many Lovely things being said about you.. Have a Wonderful Week. Jamie

Anonymous said...

YAY! I'm so excited you are working on things for your etsy shop, I love what I see so far!!!


Diane Mars said...

Wow you are a busy busy girl, lot's of wonderful creations coming out of that Studio of yours! Can't wait!
Hugs, Diane

Jennifer said...

you've got a lot going on. your etsy must be doing well girl. hope you are having fun!


Unknown said...

WOW! Fantastic stuff girly! You have been one busy-glitter-throwing girl! FAB!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Beautiful Treasures!
Thank You Denise Nantasket Beach,Mass.

KE said...

Hey there........
You have been a busy girl!!! Love your books!!!


pj said...

hi doll... got my package the other day and wanted to drop u a line and say thanks a billion! i absolutely love it! it really does pay to have a really short name! i posted pics of my tile on my blog with your info so all my peeps can get their hands on your one of a kind creations. thanks again pj

Lilli in Vancouver said...

Girl, you are SO productive! I can't believe how quickly you make things. Loving your paper bag books :)

Sugar Bear said...

Where do you find the time?! Love all the goodness coming out of here.

LiLi M. said...

Do you ever sleep or eat miss Jessi?? And everything has just turned out so beautiful! You go girl!

jen duncan said...

I just can't hardly stand how much you manage to accomplish!! Will you EVER let us in on your secret? ;-)
Thanks for the shout out for your purchases from my etsy shop. I'm so pleased that you like it.
Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Well, I see that you are as busy as ever. I've been out of the loop for some time, but I am all caught up now. Are you going to Temecula in August?

Bristol said...

Jessi- You have a lot of fun stuff going on~ Cute stuff

Kingswood Food and Craft Market said...

Hey Miss Jessi!!!
i am soooo behind the times here. I havent visited in ages...(ooouchie kicking my own backside now).AND now i see you have an etsy!! Well you know im loving that idea and i better hop on over and have a lookie!

Off to catch up with what youve been up to sweet girl.

Shann xx

One Crabapple said...

oh you have some really great treasures showing off in that ETSY shoppe !

And your banner is darling !

Your ATC's came out so cute with the little crowns

I read about your swaps on the yoohoo site and they sound fun fun fun. The little houses swap was such a creative wonderful idea !

Looking forward to Meeting You in October.
I have heard so many NICE THINGS about You already !

Saucy said...

Jessi, you busy gal... when is the sign up for the cigar box swap? I am so diggin' this idea. I love filling cigar boxes with goodies for my friends... this could be a huge bonanza for my potential swap partner. Please count me in, baby!