Tuesday, July 8, 2008

magic wand

Good Day!!

i just had to share my


(aka, my baby sister.)

Jenn is the featured guest artist on INSPIRECO. site.

AMY's shop/magazine/blog are all magnifique!

See ya all tomorrow

finish up the cruise pictures.




Anonymous said...

Hi Chickie,

I enjoyed looking at all your "cruse pictures", they look fabulous!! What a treat to go on...(sigh, one day...one day!)))


PS(thank you for wishing me a "happy 4th the other day, it was fun with my family)!!

Andrea said...

That wand is so cute! Your cruise pictures are fabulous~ Your such a doll!

Jenn said...

Oh that wand is adorable!

Unknown said...

Hi Jessi! I LOVE that wand! You are so lucky to have gotten one. I went to visit Jenn's new items and they were all sold already. I wanted the wand :)

I am back from vacation :)


Lori said...

so sweet!!!

pj said...

thank you, thank you, a million thank you'ssssss! i love my not so little scrabble tile piece! i also bestow upon you the Brilliante Weblog Award. Check out my blog for the details. pjbartholomay.blogspot.com

Jennifer Hayslip said...

Hey Big Sis,
Wow! I feel soo special! My wand get's it's very own post!!! :) Thank you sweetie! Enjoy! XOXO

Anonymous said...

I love the magic wand. I found your blog via Bling Queen and I have nominated you, I love reading your site.