Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rescue 911

Hello Dolls!!

What a "crazy" week.
ok, all my weeks are crazy!!

Like my profile states.
"always some sort of chaos."

punked, candid camera!!
i swear instead of "ED TV"( the movie)
it's "Crazy Jessi TV"

Ha Ha.

So let the adventures begin!!
Our boat rescue!

This was supposed to be a relaxing long weekend at the river.

No worries, just sun, magazines, and a few wine coolers.

sounds fab, right???

well.... Our boat broke down. Just kaput. stopped. it wouldn't go forward or backwards. yikes. now what? we had been floating for hours down the river. we hadn't seen a boat for a long time.

Just as I'm dialing 911 for the coast guard. along comes a boat.

they were really nice.

although they had cigarettes, chew, and tequila bottles everywhere.


they helped us. we tied our boats together, and tried to go back up to our marina, which was 22 miles upstream. no go, the current was to strong, we were moving at snail pace.

so turn around. head down to Plattsmouth. we dock on a raggedy old floating dock along side the river.

Hubby gets in there boat to head back to our marina.to get our truck and trailer. so I'm all alone in scary Larry ville.

meanwhile in the background i hear shooting practice, fireworks, yelling. i am thinking "this is it" i am never going to see my family again. after about 45 minutes ,i hear our rescue boat people. yeah.they pulled me down to the main river entrance dock.

again alone, and very scary villeish! said good bye to the people that helped us. offered them some money. wouldn't take it.

i look up to the parking lot. i see a beat up red car with a leg hanging out the window,


i grabbed the switchblade and my cell phone, and sat quietly.

i was ready for "whatever".

Then i hear male voices, look up 3 very drunk tubers.

again ,thinking I'm going to be raped, murdered, and God knows what else. Call hubby tell him to hurry. He's in Wal-mart buying a trailer hitch. we hadn't planned on taking our boat out of the water. so he's trying to hurry.

look up again here come 3 more drunk tubers. this was it. a hoard of drunk men and me. alone. yikes. to my relief i here 1 female voice. sweet. "they are not going to do anything when there's a girl around. "whew. relief.

Think again Jessi.

here comes a beat to crud old fishing boat. falling apart . there are 2 Ladies in there. they don't dock next to me where it was open? instead they ram there boat into the dirt along the river.???ok. well neither of them got out to go to the bathroom? or go get there car?? they start knugging each other." look at her. "ok that's it. I am married. and i like men. sorry, no offence ladies.

Then here comes my HERO up over the horizon. my Hubby is here.

all is safe.

got the boat out of the water.

went for Mexican food and beers.

home by 10:00. fell into bed.

the boat is already fixed. it was something with the propeller.

who knows? again i swear where are the hidden camera's

ha ha

the end!

be back tomorrow with day 1 of my cruise adventure.

always some sort of chaos!!

tee hee




Heidi said...

Jessi!!!!! I had to hold my breath as I read this post!!!! That sounds like a day you'd NEVER want repeated! Scarrrrryyy!!! You were such a brave girl. And the switchblade???? You always keep that near???

LiLi M. said...

It's a wonder that you are safe and sound here again, Who needs photo's when you tell a story?
Hope to see you tomorrow, you'll never know! ;-)

Cheryl said...

OK...You have to write a book about all of your happenings...I see it now, "The Adventures of Scrappy Jessi"!!
Glad you are OK - Maybe you'd better stay in your scraproom for a few days :)

Sugar Bear said...

Oh my goodness! Thankfully all turned out okay. I agree with Heidi - I was holding my breath!

Dede Warren said...

You crack me up Jess! this could be a bad B movie, if it weren't your REAL life! Glad you are safe and back in the burbs!

Birds of a Feather said...

hi jessi ~

yes, very excited to finally meet you and tons of other gals too!

yikes! i think it's time for you to have a gps micro chip implanted!

xo ~ h

bluemuf said...

Jessi, Oh My!!! That was one scarry time you had. I was also holding my breath as I was reading this post. So glad everything turned out alright. I'm looking forward to seeing your cruise pictures.

Hugs Karen

Unknown said...

I'm laughing my ass off Jessi..OMG you POOR thing! What an adventure! I'm so glad you guys got out safely!

Sandy xox

Anonymous said...

Oh My God, you poor baby. You are
a brave one. I would have been
scared to death too! So glad you are safe and sound. Try to take it

On a happier note, I can't wait to
see your cruise photos.

Take care

Best Wishes,

Andrea said...

Oh my! what a trip to remember!and freaky TOO!

roseroomnz.com said...

How terrifying, do you like carry a switchblade in your bag??? Can you show us, is it pink???? I have always thought I should have something like that...just in case. Glad you are ok, Rachaelxo

Rosa said...

Hi Jessi,
What an adventure!, glad that you guys came out OK!!.

KE said...

Hey Girly...
I am glad you are safe!!! I hope you had a wonderful vacation!!!


karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I'm glad the red neck pirates didn't get you!

"Maggie & Kevin" said...

Glad you are ok!!! Next time go with hubby, your life is worth more than the boat any day!

Jennifer Hayslip said...

HOLY CRAP girl! What a freaking DAY!!! Nothing like trying to enjoy a nice boat outing to all of a sudden becomming a life or death situation ( a bit exaggerated there) while hearing the banjo song from "Deliverance" playing in the background.
Glad your sweet Hubby HERO saved the day!!!!

Rhondamum said...

Oh my gosh! How crazy was your day! I would have been FREAKING OUT! Glad you are okay though and that you didn't have to have any unwanted chicks in your space, or men for that matter. Jeez! Must add, your stories crack me up! I can just see you sitting there all bunched up trying to avoid eye contact, not that that part is funny! Be safe and keep that switch blade with you at all times!


Natasha Burns said...

oh no Jessi!!!! what a shocker of a time you had!!! thank goodness you are safe and well xoxo