Saturday, July 12, 2008

Busy girl, cute daughter!!!

Hello Dolls!!!

I have been a busy girl!!

So yesterday i went antiquing!!
look at all the stuff i scored!!

Cha Ching!!

I had a fab day, found lots of treasures!

Here is my living doll.
My daughter!

How stinken cute is that necklace!!!

we did a custom order from

Headless Tess

She is so amazing!!

Taylor sent her an image and some fav colors, and voila.

She adores her necklace!!

Speaking of amazing!!!

My girl can paint.

Check this out, she made it for her boyfriend.

This is his dirt bike! she did it as a little suprise for him.

Fellow Blooger Wanda Clark rocks!!!

What a doll!! she had these hanging around, and thought they would be put to good use at my house.

YEP!! thanks doll!

Been busy creating.lots of custom orders, books, tiles, Christmas, and Halloween stuff.

Both of these paper bag books are going up on my ETSY.

Please remember


will start July 25th

That's it for today girls!

Have a Fantabulous weekend!!!


Jennifer Hayslip said...

Hello Brunette Barbie,
You have been a BUSY BUSY girl! :) Love your little Halloween books. CUTE!! Your daughter rocks! She is such a doll! Love her princess rock n roll style!!! Have a fab weekend! Smooches! XO,Lil Sis

Unknown said...

Hi Jessi,
What fabulous goodies you found antiquing!!! I am so jealous :) Love all the pink and the bling!

Your daughter is beautiful!! Love the necklace :) And WOW!!!!! How talented is she! The dirt bike looks real! I bet her guy loved it :)

Love your books!!! I am so sad summer is half over :( I am not ready for fall, lol!

Also, I just wondered if my package went out yet? Thanks so much :)


Anonymous said...

Great finds! Your daughter is sooo cute and that necklace rocks! You both are talented the painting she did!

Anonymous said...

What great finds you had antiquing!
Your daughter is adorable...LOVE that necklace.

LiLi M. said...

Taylor rocks and her necklace too. You did some great finds girl, I'm already happy when I find a loose rhinestone earring (yes very happy!!). Keep up the good work and have a nice weekend!

Just Between Us Girls said...

Hi Jessi,
Sort of lost touch but I am back. Your daughter is a DARLING and her necklace so precious. Your books are adorable. Your talents are remarkable. Have a wonderful and creative SUNDAY.

Kim Naumann said...

Your little books are so cute and that necklace is adorable! I do so love your antiquing finds, the jewellery especially :). I'm glad I happened across your blog, I've enjoyed my visit. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Kim :)

Andrea said...

I love antiquing! One of my favorite things to do~ Your daughters painting is fabulous! Does she do roses?!Thanks for stopping by to say hi!

Anonymous said...

I love both the necklaces and your daughter wow..what a gorgeous girl. Looks very much like her pretty mommy. The dirt bike is killer so she got her looks and talent from you!! fur sure...

Unknown said...

Jessi! Great post! Love all the eye candy you posted with those gorgous photos! All the bling and sparkle! Thanks for sharing!

Our Hands For Hope said...

Well you have another GREAT artist in that house! Wow!
I love the daughter would love it also!
Have a blessed day!

vivian said...

Hey Jessi! just passing through.. looks like you had a good day out collecting new treasures! I already told you on flickr, but I will again.. your daugher is definitely adorable!
have a fun sunday!!

mushroommeadows said...

Your real life doll is pretty cute, I must say. :) (just like her mom)

oh year, and she is super talented, too!!! (just like her mom)


Holly Loves Art said...

Another NEW and adorable banner! Love it! Great flea market finds too... such great goodies. Your daughter is really cute and what a sweet necklace too. Thanks for the fun post!!

October... it will be here before we know it!!

Take care,

Bristol said...

Looks like you found some good stuff. Your daughter is quite the talent. She is so cute~

K.C. said...

Just popping in and you did hit the jackpot at the antique shops.. I am jealous as can be. Your daughter is a cutie! And, yeah, she can paint. Kayce

Saucy said...

You have been a little busy Barbie doll, haven't you? I like that your daughter has all these talents too... you guys must be close, like the Loopster and me. Fabulous goodies too!

Unknown said...

Come by and say hello and see me! I have posted some pics! Did something very new to me...eeekkk! Had some fun but thought I would give it a try!

Natasha Burns said...

Gorgeous girls you are! Taylor takes after you being so gorgeous and talented! LOVE LOVE LOVE her painting, boy she can REALLY paint!!! fabulous!

Sugar Bear said...

Great finds. Your daughter is so cute and her necklace is fabulous!

Simply Me Art said...

Girl do you ever rest??? Wow, Love your New Banner, goodies and your Daughters Necklace, The Bomb..Off to check out her Etsy and yours too.. Have a Great week, jamie

Simply Me Art said...

P.S. You should have your Stylin Daughter make some of her Fantastic Art work for your Etsy!!Just a thought...